Texas Terrie back again to give you a little insight into the world of herbs. Just two doors down from our office is a locally owned business called SW Herb Shop and Gathering Place, located at 148 N. Center Street in Historic Downtown Mesa, (480) 694-9931.

I had never been into an Herb Shop before and wasn’t sure what I would find but it was an interesting and worthwhile visit. The building is a historical home converted into a shop and the inside has been kept in almost original condition. It felt very cozy and welcoming. The shelves are lined with large glass containers labeled with special herbs; most of which I had never heard of. I walked around reading what was in each jar and a little surprised what some of the herbs I was familiar with actually looked like in raw form. There are herbs that aid in issues such as immune system deficiencies, insomnia, hot flashes, rashes, and even sweaty feet. There is an herbalist that can answer most of your questions about the herbs (but does not give medical advice or prescribe treatment).


SW Herb Bulk Herbs


Being from Texas I am an iced black tea drinker, although it is good for you I have been interested in trying something new and the Herb Shop has an excellent selection. There are bags of tea leaves mixed together for the taking or you can mix other herbs together and create your own. There is always a pot of tea ready and waiting for you to try, pour a cup and sit for a while or take it with you as you explore the rest of the shop.


SW Herb Tea


I went upstairs to discover a room full of bath products, enough to make any woman smile. There were special soaps, scrubs, soaking salt, hand lotion, body lotion, lip balm, and more.


***SW Herb does not provide medical advice or prescribe herbs as a treatment for sickness. But if you are looking for a place to get the best selection of herbs possible go in and see the girls at SW Herb Shop.