Experience first-hand what it's like to be a "fighter pilot” or “air show performer” and actually fly the plane at Fighter Combat International. And no experience is required!  Fighter Combat International’s air combat school in Mesa specializes in providing the general public the opportunity of enjoying this exciting and breathtaking outdoor adventure activity with real fighter pilots in real aerobatic aircraft. This is not a simulation. This is flying real air combat under the guidance of a real air combat fighter pilot instructor in real aircraft. Visit www.fightercombat.com or phone 866-FLY-HARD or 480-279-1881.

The idea of finding gold has lured prospectors to Arizona just east of Mesa for centuries. Now visitors can head into the mysterious Superstition Mountains via off-road vehicles in search for that most precious metal. This team-building event is called “Geo-Caching for Gold,” and is held in the mountains that legend says is home to the famous Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. Teams participate in a treasure hunt utilizing old-time treasure maps and Global Positioning System units. Be prepared to be shot, handcuffed, and maybe left for dead as teammates follow clues and challenges to find hidden treasures scattered throughout the trail. Visit http://www.apachetrailtours.com or phone 480-982-7661 for information.

Desert Storm Hummer Tours offers a variety of desert tour experiences including the “Night Storm Adventure,” which lets guests experience the dark side of the desert. See coyotes, rattle snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, jack rabbits, and foxes. Use your own scope to watch as 95% of  Sonoran Desert wildlife moves at night. Phone 866-DSHUMER or 480-922-0020, or visit www.dshummer.com.



The world’s first self-balancing personal transporter is now available at F1 Race Factory! The Segway PT is an amazing invention that uses gyroscopes, tilt sensors, and electric motors to balance by itself, enabling it’s rider to control the machine simply by leaning! Turn 180 degrees without moving an inch and dash for the finish line!  Test your skills at F1 Race Factory’s exclusive Segway Performance Course! Visit www.f1racefactory.com or phone 602-302-RACE.




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