Mesa is taking strides to promote the "green” side of golf. The City of Mesa along with the Mesa Convention & Visitors Bureau have formed a partnership with Dixon Golf – creator of the world"s first high-performance, eco-friendly golf balls – announcing Dixon Earth as the official golf ball of Mesa.

This winter, numerous Mesa golf courses will feature the signature golf ball for purchase. Guests can recycle their used golf balls with Dixon Golf for credits toward the new Mesa golf ball which is manufactured without harsh heavy-metal pollutants like zinc, tungsten, cobalt or lead. More than two billion golf balls are sold each year, with more than 300 million balls finding their way to landfills or lost in the environment. As those golf balls break down, the heavy metals also break down and can pollute the surrounding environment.

When Dixon recycles golf balls, they remove the harmful heavy metals and the remaining material is turned into products like playground equipment and field turf. The recycled material is less expensive and helps cash strapped schools fit new equipment into their budgets. The City of Mesa will promote the eco-friendly golf ball and recycling opportunities available to residents for standard golf balls at scheduled conservation and recycling events.

“Since we were founded in Mesa, it was important for us to team up with the City to help showcase what they are doing economically as well as environmentally,” said Dixon Golf CEO William Carey. “Mesa’s initiative to promote the Earth ball as a platform to show residents and potential tourists alike that they are serious about going green speaks volumes about their continuing commitment to their constituents.”

The partnership is helping bring attention to a notable eco-friendly business that was founded in Mesa. Dixon Golf set up operations in Mesa in 2008 and the company has experienced incredible growth in just over 18 months.

“Mesa is proud of our green companies,” Mayor Scott Smith said. “It is exciting to see Dixon Golf’s research, development and fulfillment operations grow in our community.”

Mesa is the first city in Arizona to partner with Dixon Golf and the company’s goal is to get more municipalities to recognize the value of promoting green industries most consumers would assume aren’t capable of providing an eco-friendly alternative. The Dixon brand has also resonated within the corporate marketplace, where companies are using the Dixon Earth golf ball as one of their green initiatives.

“The partnership also has numerous economic development benefits from assisting local businesses with expansion; strengthening Mesa’s golf identity; and improving the environment and quality of life for residents by bringing awareness to golf ball recycling efforts,” said Bill Jabjiniak, Economic Development Director for the City of Mesa.

For tourism, golf has always been one of Mesa’s core drivers and recent visitor inquiry studies indicate playing a round in Mesa is still high on the must-do list for visitors.

“The majority of our visitors seek out golf each time they visit Mesa and this partnership allows us to share a new offering in our golf community,” said Robert Brinton, president & CEO of the Mesa Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Golfers have options when it comes to choosing their course, now they have another option when they choose their ball. And, in the end it’s the better option when you consider the amount of golf balls left behind in our water hazards and throughout the landscapes of our desert courses.”

The Mesa package features a signature golf ball with a limited edition packaging featuring the iconic Red Mountain backdrop visible from many of the city’s premier golf courses. The Mesa golf balls will be available in a limited quantity and can be purchased at local pro shops and online at Advance orders are being taken now and delivery is expected in mid-December.

The golf balls can only be purchased by the dozen for $39.95. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Dixon Earth/Mesa official golf balls will go toward sustainability programs in Mesa.