Denver train wrap


Starting this week, commuters in Denver and Salt Lake City will be greeted with large-scale images of Mesa, Arizona on light rail cars, trains and buses. The Mesa Convention & Visitors Bureau (Mesa CVB) launched two outdoor marketing promotions to coincide with new non-stop air service from Ogden, UT on Allegiant Airlines starting later this month, and non-stop daily service from Denver starting in October on Spirit Airlines and November on Frontier Airlines.

"This approach is new for us and we hope an effort on this scale turns heads," said Mesa CVB President & CEO Marc Garcia. "Visibility is important for Mesa, especially in our short haul markets where the city's recognition level is stronger. We want to convey to residents in these cities that there are choices when connecting to Greater Phoenix and encourage them to start thinking about planning their winter travel to Arizona now."

The Mesa CVB is wrapping one of Denver's light rail train cars with large-scale, iconic Mesa imagery featuring a family hiking through Mesa's vibrant landscape. The light rail car (photo attached) will travel through five different routes of their Rail Transportation District (RTD) which maneuvers through Denver's downtown core past Coors Field, the Theater District and Sports Authority Field at Mile High stadium. The exterior advertising is complimented by interior posters on 10 cars that will travel all the RTD train routes. The posters tout the new connection to Denver with calls to action pointing would-be visitors online to and encouraging them to capture instant Mesa visitor information by scanning a QR code. More than 400,000 riders utilize the RTD light rail system weekly. The marketing displays in Denver will be visible through the end of November.

In Ogden, UT riders on the municipal bus system will be greeted with similar large-scale images featuring the Superstition Mountains with a signature yellow Jeep and messaging that announces the short flights to Mesa and the Gateway area. These images will mask the back of 10 buses that service Ogden and take commuters to and from Salt Lake City. The marketing reach of this effort can be seen by more than 80% of Ogden's population, or approximately 270,000 Utah residents. In addition, the interiors of 10 Front Runner train cars will have posters marketing Mesa. The Front Runner trains travel 44 miles between Ogden and Salt Lake City and the train has become one of the most popular modes of travel for commuters in the area with an estimated 32,000 riders each week. Increasing awareness of Mesa as a premier travel destination using new marketing tools, including the vehicle wraps, is at the forefront of the Mesa CVB's efforts this coming year