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October 13, 2016

Arizona on the Rocks

No, this blog post is not about cocktails. This is for all you Geology enthusiasts (read: nerds) out there.

Embrace your inner geek and go rock hunting with us at Visit Mesa. Our region is chock full of good rock finds and our resident intern Lori Fusak will show you the way. Here are four of her favorite spots in City Limitless® where you can learn about the historical geology behind Arizona’s desert ROCKS!

Goldfield Ghost Town

Take the underground mine tour and get a taste of what it was like to be a prospector more than a century ago. The tour is only 25 minutes long, but the miners would spend 12 hours working in the underground darkness. Many days, they would find no gold at all. Witness the small spaces men had to work in and see the tools that they used to break through rock. Be sure to ask your tour guide any questions you have. They are the experts. Maybe you will find remnants of the gold ore that was originally found here.

Goldfield Mine Tour--Lori Fusak
Mine Tour

Superstition Mountain Museum

If you think rocks are fascinating, you definitely will want to check out the geological exhibit here. You will find an enormous rock crusher along with several different rock samples from the Goldfield Mine. Don’t miss the next demo of the newly restored Cossak 20-stamp Ore Mill on November 12 and see this rock crusher in action. Don’t be surprised if you feel like the size of an ant when you are next to the Ore Mill.

Geology Exhibit--Superstition Mountain Museum
Rock Crusher

Arizona Museum of Natural History

Will you take home real treasure or only fool’s gold? At Arizona Museum of Natural History, learn how to pan for gold outside the Lost Dutchman Mine exhibit. Also, this museum displays collections of copper, lead and quartz minerals in Earth Science Hall. There are plenty of rocks and minerals to admire…and TOUCH! Save the date for Family and Scout Geology Day on Saturday, Nov. 5 and create your own rock collection.

Rocks--Lori Fusak

Himalayas Salt Lamps & More

Learn about the many benefits of pink Himalayan salt from purifying the air you breathe to creating a tranquil environment that will lower stress. Don’t leave this Downtown Mesa shop without checking out the self-made salt cave. The walls and floor of this room are made of Himalayan Salt blocks which are known to give lasting relief to patients.

Salt Cave--Lori Fusak
Salt Rock--Lori Fusak

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