What's a vacation without taking pictures... right? Well as technology advances, so can your photos! Put those iphones, ipads and cameras to use and get creative. Here are a few tips we learned from Mashable that you might just want to consider before you start snapping away on your next adventure.

1. Take a moment to line up your shot.

Schnepf Farm Dinner Down the Orchard
Taking an extra minute to set up the perfect shot really pays off.

2. Take a step back, to capture the whole picture.

Take a Step Back
Don't just take closeups. Take a moment to focus on all the beauty that's around you.

3. Break the rules.

Break the rules
The rule of thirds doesn't always need to apply. Forget the rules, point your camera at the sun or try an angle you wouldn't normally.

4. Don't forget the group shot.

Group Shot
Those precious family photos are most important and worth the hastle trying to take. 

5. Focus on individual people too.                                                                                                

Yoga in the Desert
When focusing in on one person, you can see how it really brings out the expression you desire in your photo. 

6. Shake things up: Use an object to document the journey.

Shake Things Up
Bring a toy or stuffed animal, and photograph them in various shots throughout your trip. Something different and unquie to consider. Photo credit: Flickr, Curtis & Renee

7. Be sure to notice wildlife.

Include all aspects of your trip, especially if there's exotic wildlife.

8. Capture the candid moments.

Candid moments
Avoid staged photos, try and capture things as they're happening. 

9. Use apps to enhance photos.

Use apps to enhance photos
This app called 360 Panorama gives your photos an entirely fun and different perspective. Photo credit: xpaba on Instagram

10. Take a Selfie

Take a Selfie
Don't forget to capture you and your friends enjoying those treasured moments. Photo Credit: NoSnowStandUpPaddleboards/Tamara Gineo. This photo was taken with Tamara's GoPro. 


Source: http://mashable.com/2014/04/10/vacation-photo-tips/