Relax and renew in Mesa with these stops that offer different outlets for your health and wellness.


Get Blissed Out at True Rest Float Spa

For a completely out of body experience, consider treating your mind, body and soul to the tranquil experience of floating. Now open, True Rest Float Spa- Gilbert offers a way to repair and relax busy minds. Floating takes place in a giant egg-shaped pod with 10 inches of warm water set to body temperature and 1,200 pounds of Epsom salts. As the body defies gravity and floats in this womb-like atmosphere, the feel good hormones – dopamine, serotonin and melatonin - are released. The body will soak up the benefits of the magnesium sulfate, providing tremendous relief from stress, back pain, arthritis and more. This is a great therapy option for both athletes (healing is sped up through regular floating sessions) and artists (clarity and a clear mind is also an outcome). As you release yourself to the experience and disengage from your daily grind, floating will help you hit the ‘re-set’ button on life. Recently, both the New York Times and The Today Show featured this new spa treatment option and touted the benefits of this trending therapy. Floating is also known to detoxify the body and can help dermatological conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.  At True Rest Float Spa, the experience is tailored – each guest can choose their light and music options, or completely unplug and turn all sensory elements off.


float spa pod


Workout in Nature at Usery Mountain Regional Park’s New Outdoor Gym

Breathe in the fresh air while exercising at Usery Mountain Regional Park’s new outdoor fitness center. Located near the Merkle Trailhead, visitors of all ages and fitness levels can utilize this new equipment with scenic backdrops of Pass Mountain and sprawling saguaro cactus. This gym offers hydraulic equipment that targets different muscle groups so you can enjoy a complete workout without needing an expensive gym membership. There may not be any cardio machines, but remember you are in the middle of twenty trails with over thirty miles of walking, biking, and hiking.


Go Beyond Your Yoga Practice at Floating Lotus Studio

Take your yoga practice to the next level and incorporate healing into your routine. At Floating Lotus Studio, not only can you advance your practice with over thirty classes, but you can take advantage of the workshops and healing experiences they provide. Chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture create healing and relaxing combinations with your yoga practice. Learn about self-healing and new yoga methods with their workshops.


floating lotus sign


Aerial Yoga at Mesa’s new Life Balance Center

Designed to help visitors meet life’s challenges with centeredness and strength, the Las Sendas Life Balance Center is a new integrated health and wellness center in Mesa. Featuring untouched desert beauty shining in from the windows of the yoga studio, each practice leads students to work with gravity to relax and realign the body with the support of a soft fabric hammock. In addition to aerial yoga, the center also offers yin yoga practices, vinyasa flow classes and kids yoga.