Earth Day 2017 is on April 22nd and this year’s campaign is all about Environmental & Climate Literacy—so whether you are interested in learning more about the campaign and what you can do to get involved or if you want to know more about what you can do at an individual or local level then read more:


1.Go to an Earth Day event


City of Mesa Presents: Celebrate Mesa (April 22)


Celebrate Mesa and the Earth at this free family-friendly event-filled with games, carnival rides, entertainment and food trucks. While the event is to celebrate Mesa, it will also be celebrating Earth Day with interactive exhibits at the Living Green Village! Some of the exhibits will be: a monarch butterfly exhibit, solar cooking demonstration and mother nature’s story time.


living green


Yoga at the Mill (April 22)


Queen Creek Olive Mill is partnering with ZenLife Yoga to invite yogis of all levels to get the blood flowing at the first Yoga in the Mill event! The event starts at 9AM and all you need to bring is a mat, $15 and gratitude. Bonus: Stay after for brunch and $5 mimosas!


Earth Day 2017 at the Phoenix Zoo (April 22)


On Earth Day, general admission to the Phoenix Zoo will include games and activities that nurture nature. Attendees will be able to explore the Zoo by visiting educational Earth Station Destinations that will teach about how to be eco-friendly while having a good time. A prize will be received at the exit.


2.Check your Ecological Footprint


The Ecological Footprint essentially measures the amount of biologically productive land and water is needed to provide enough resources to support Earth’s inhabitants (a.k.a. us!). The Earth Day website has a quiz you can take to calculate your Footprint and how much land it takes to support your lifestyle and then helps you find ways to act to reduce your Footprint.


Our intern Bri took the quiz and thought it was very eye-opening, here are her results:


ecological footprint


“As someone who has eliminated most animal products out of their diet and has sworn off one-use water bottles it was nice to see I have low-impact in that area but it was still a shock to see that 3.5 Earths would be needed to support my lifestyle that I thought was very minimal. I try to be conscious of my energy usage at my apartment and how much I drive--I know I can still work on that but some of the alternate scenarios they offered aren’t realistic…I don’t have a choice as to how my apartment complex gets its energy and a lot of the places I go to are easier and faster to get to by driving. I guess it’s just a matter of trying to incorporate more energy-efficient methods that are accessible.”


How did your results stack up to Bri’s?


3. Learn about how Mesa & our businesses stay sustainable


City of Mesa – Encourages and has implemented a Living Green lifestyle that encourages Mesa residents to maintain their households and carry out activities in an environmentally conscious manner. 


True Garden - Featuring revolutionary hydroponic gardening techniques, visitors can learn about organic growing practices and sustainable farming. True Garden uses 95% less water and 90% less space than a traditional garden, and contains no harmful chemical, pesticides or herbicides.


Queen Creek Olive Mill - The Mill utilizes many sustainable farming techniques to protect the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare. They have 444 solar panels to collect and convert energy for their facility, composting is practiced in two different forms, and they have opted to use weed torching instead of herbicides.


Agritopia - All of the produce on the farm is grown under the USDA organic protocol.  The goal is to have zero distribution model for the produce and various crops grown at the site, meaning it will leave in customer’s stomachs or their shopping bags.


Mesa Urban Garden (MUG) – MUG was created to inspire sustainable urban living through education, community involvement and creative cooperation to strengthen families and enhance and beautify our neighborhoods. To keep the garden operating efficiently, an individual drop irrigation system with state-of-the-art watering timer was installed to keep the mismanagement of water down.


Usery Mountain Nature Center - The Nature Center has 20-inch thick masonry walls, essential skylights, solar panels and a rooftop garden to insulate the building and reduce storm water runoff. They are designed to be fully functional, sustainable and energy efficient while minimizing the disturbance to the natural landscape and maximizing the design compatibility with the natural surroundings.


Learn more here.


We want to see how you celebrate Earth Day in Mesa – make sure to tag your pictures with #VisitMesa or #MesaCityLimitless to share with us!