Do you have a wild side that’s looking for adventure? The desert is full of adventures to be had and sights to see. Fort McDowell Adventures on the nearby Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation has the thrills you’re looking for. Here are a few adventures we recommend checking out!

Be a Cowboy

The West was built by cowboys ridding on a horse. Experience a forgone era and take a horseback riding tour on Fort McDowell’s sprawling 25,000 acres. Ford a river and make friends with your horse as you catch the sights of the Sonoran desert!

Take a Trip Down the River

A river in the desert brings a unique experience as the desert and water meet. Take a kayak tour down the Salt River and check out the plant and wildlife that call the river home. You don’t have to be an experienced kayaker to take this tour, just a sense of adventure and being OK with getting a little wet.

The Tour of the Future

Have you ever seen one of those city Segway tours? Well this is the off road version of that! This tour combines the motorized convince without the cumbersome windows and doors of a vehicle. Ride around in style and get up close with the desert. Another benefit of this tour? You get to go home and tell your friends that you took the tour of the future (insert ominous noises here).

Ride Around the Desert in Style

Looking to go off roading? Check out Stellar Adventures and Green Zebra tours Fort McDowell Adventures offers. Learn the history of the Phoenix valley and the Hohokam people who originally settled the area. Fun fact: Many of the canal systems that support the Phoenix metro-area are the exact ones that Hohokam used.

Need more thrill? Hop into an off-road vehicle called the “Green Zebra” and zoom around the desert with your group. As you tackle the terrain you’ll also be treated with breath-taking views of the Sonoran desert.

Whatever experience you choose, be sure to take a lot of pictures! You’ll be treated to some of the most pristine examples of what the Sonoran desert is all about. Be sure to share those desert pics with using #MesaCityLimitless.