Ya, ya, we know guac is extra but these guacamole stops in City Limitless® are worth the upcharge.

Explore the flavors of the region through an assortment of inspired guacamole dishes found throughout

the city:

Barrio Queen

Nationally-renowned for their tableside preparation of the bowl, the Queen tops her guacamole with

fresh pomegranate seeds adding a pop of flavor to our favorite dip.

Joyride Taco House

Here, it’s more than Roma tomatoes added—Joyride goes all the way with tomatillos mixed into this

house-made appetizer.

The Original Blue Adobe Grille

Blue Adobe’s chips and fire-roasted salsa are already award-winning, but the fresh guacamole makes it a triple threat. Dare you to pair it with their gooey, rich queso blanco!

Macayo's Mexican Restaurant

Extra creamy guacamole thanks to the addition of jack cheese, this guac is in demand with the locals. Bonus: Stop by for happy hour and get this guac on special.

Let us know who’s guac you think is king in City Limitless®. Tag us in your great guac food posts on social media with #mesafreshfoodie.