By: Jennifer Gastelum, Creative Catalyst 


Mimosas, eggs benedict, breakfast potatoes, fresh fruit, oh my. OH MY.


Brunch: A delicious meal typically consisting of breakfast-inspired entrees and your pick of morning cocktails, occurring in the late morning to accommodate the required sleep-in schedule of the weekend.


Brunch is the reason that many of us choose to pull ourselves out of bed on the weekends. We flock to the most delicious brunch we can find, near or far. Lucky for us here in Mesa, the Creative Catalyst group has made it a goal of theirs to build the brunch scene among the local restaurants in downtown Mesa. How the heck does this group of randos plan on accomplishing this, you might ask? Imagine a rotating brunch event every month at a new restaurant including delicious brunch specials and cocktails, along with interactive art activities and live music.


IMAGINE, if you will, it is 10am on Saturday, and you are consuming soul food-inspired vegan brunch at Volstead Public House. Your mouth is watering all over your fancy blouse, and your ears are filled with the acoustic stylings of a local musician. Imagine a world in which you look forward to the monthly Creative Catalyst Saturday Brunch. Just kidding; that’s this world. You live in that world. Easy Like Saturday Morning - it’s where the party’s at.


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