Hi ya’ll! Terrie is my name and tourism is my game. As a transplant from Texas, I think of myself as a fairly good connoisseur of Mexican food. I have several Mesa restaurants that I think are some of the best Mexican food in Greater Phoenix-metro area. I had lunch at one of those last week called Mango’s Mexican Cafe located at 44 W. Main Street in downtown Mesa. 

Mango’s Cafe is busy everyday at noon; unfortunately that is when my lunch hour begins. A couple of girls from the office and I went downtown to take a look at the sale going on at Domestic Bliss. After a little shopping, it was coffee and lunch time. Jessie volunteered to go to Inside the Bungalow to pick up the afternoon coffee and tea and I volunteered to go pick up our lunch. Being a Friday and knowing all the Mesa City offices were closed, I thought maybe I stood a chance to get in and out pretty quickly. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I walked in the line was to the door. Knowing I was picking up the best street tacos in downtown Mesa I knew I had to stay. The line was moving pretty slowly it seemed there were several first-timers there looking over the menu. I could tell it was going to take awhile so I devised a plan. I pulled out my smart phone searched the number and called Mangos. Covering the mouthpiece trying to keep those around me from hearing what I was doing, I placed my order. I waited in line with everyone else and finally it was my turn.  I gave my name and picked up my order and was back in the office with time to spare.

 There aren’t many places that I would stand in line for lunch but Mango’s is definitely one of them. If you haven’t been to Mango’s Cafe it’s time you do. If you have, then it’s time to go again. Just don’t go at noon…………..

Until next time Texas Terrie signing off.

(Author: Terrie Gardner, Mesa CVB Sales Assistant)