Steadfast Farms: Outstanding in the Field

“An adventure, a destination, an experience.”


Outstanding in the Field was founded by Jim Denevan, who hosted his first dinner in Northern California in 1999, long before pop-up restaurants were a trend. The company was created to celebrate the origins of good food, people, and places from all around, simply for the purpoMesa Culinary Platese of “existing in the place for just that, in grateful appreciation”. The goal is to re-connect dining guest to the land and origins of their food by honoring local farmers who cultivated it.


This October, Outstanding in the Field, a company that hosts unique outdoor dining events will be returning to Mesa for one night to host a local pop-up dinner.


The setting of this year’s dinner will take place at Steadfast Farms, a two-acre bio-intensive market farm that grows certified organic fruits, vegetables and flowers and raises pastured poultry for eggs all year round. Surrounded by elegant rows of seasonal crops glistening from the Arizona sunshine, it is sure to be visually stunning.


Wine glass on Fresh Foodie Trail


This year's Outstanding in the Field event at Steadfast Farms will be held on Tuesday, October 17 at 2 p.m., and catered by Steadfast farmer Erich Schultz and guest chef Jeff Kraus of Tempe’s Crepe Bar.


The dinner held amongst the fall harvest will start off with an hour-long wine reception for guest to get comfortable with their surroundings. Once dinner begins guest will sit along a single custom crafted long dining table to enjoy a multi-course, family-style meal where the chef will prepare a meal that showcases fresh produce from the farm.


Tickets to this outdoor dining experience cost upwards of $245 a plate and are available online. The dinner usually sells out within a few short days, act fast to reserve your place at this truly unique dining experience. 




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