ATTENTION RUNNERS: The time is now! Whether you are a marathon runner or want to get your adrenaline pumping with a mud run, you’ll want to start training for these races in Mesa.


BMO Harris Bank Mesa-Phoenix Marathon
If you are going to run a marathon, you might as well choose one with beautiful scenery and weather. Starting below the large “Phoenix” sign painted on Usery Mountain, runners will experience nearly 1,000 feet of net elevation loss in this Boston Qualifier.
February 25, 2017


Spartan Race
Spartan Race has heats for all fitness levels, but if you want to enter the competitive or elite heats start training like a Spartan! Tackle obstacles and desert terrain in the Sprint (3-5 miles) or Super (8-10 miles) events. You can even bring your little Spartans along for the Kids Race (1/2 mile-2 miles).
February 25-26, 2017


Tough Mudder
They don’t call it tough for nothing! This 10 to 12-mile mud run is filled with over 20 obstacles to test you’re your mental and physical strength. Tough Mudder is about team work and comradery rather than who reaches the finish line first, so round up your friends to train and race with you. 
 April 8-9, 2017