Have you heard of the new craze, Pinterest? It is very addicting for those “pinning” craft ideas, home décor, planning weddings, and book marking places they would like to visit, and things they want to see. It is like scrapbooking, only virtual. So Visit Mesa thought that we would create our own Pinterest account and be part of the action. After all, a picture says a thousand words and we have plenty of them and plenty to say about Mesa! We want to help people decide where to visit, use our tourism bureau as a fun resource while planning their trip, and connect with us after they have left. We also want to create a relationship with the local residents and show them how to experience their own city. Since starting Pinterest, we have found many connections with companies far and wide that have Pinterest accounts. All these efforts to show off Mesa’s many charms are what helps spread the word about our city’s friendly character and uniqueness as a tourism destination. Lucky for us, we can now share these images of Mesa’s great places and spaces with our followers through yet another outlet! So, take a look at our Pinterest page and you will find boards such as: Places To Stay, Things To Do, Weddings and Events, The Outdoors, Art, Dining, Shopping, and Sports. And let us know if there is a board we haven’t yet created but should! We are always adding more and more pins and boards every day (word of caution: pinning is addicting!). Follow Me on Pinterest Pinterest requires an invitation so let us know if you would like an invite. We look forward to seeing you on the site. As Pinterest would say, “Happy Pinning”!