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The Tomcar was originally designed for the Israeli military's special forces. It has excellent suspension and a low center of gravity, which gives it the ability to handle itself on any type of terrain. Given that it has a roof and roll bars, its safety is unmatched and guests do not even need a helmet when driving it. It is extremely easy to drive as soon as guests get into it.

The tour lasts approximately two hours and fifteen minutes and has two major aspects, adventure and scenery, that blend together to form the ultimate activity for all types of guests. While experiencing the fun-packed driving portions of the tour, over varied terrain such as rocky, up and down hills, sharp turns, and flatter terrain, guests also get the ability to see sites such as wild horses and bald eagles at our three unique stops that highlight the pristine and uninterrupted views of the Sonoran Desert. Additionally, knowledgeable guides lead the way, filling the guests in on the geography, nature, and history of Arizona to close the gaps on any information they may not already know.

This perfect balance of adventure and scenery will be sure to have guests creating memories that last a lifetime. 


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