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Joe's Farm Grill


At Joe's Farm Grill, the focus is on common food done uncommonly well and served quickly. Common foods such as burgers, fries, pizza, salads, and ribs are common for a good reason: people love them. They taste great! We have taken these common foods to the next level. First of all, we source the best QUALITY ingredients we can find, emphasizing local ingredients. As much as possible, we use fruit, vegetables, and herbs from The Farm at Agritopia, right at our front door. After that we look to other local farmers and then other parts of Arizona. Not everything can be entirely local, but we give it our best shot. Secondly, we are concerned about using the most HEALTHFUL ingredients. For instance we use local, natural beef for our burgers and transfat free oils for frying, dressings, and marinades. Thirdly, we minimize using prepared foods by crafting as much as we can in our own kitchen. This includes hand breading our onion rings and making our own specialty sauces. It takes more TIME and EFFORT, but you can taste the difference. We also take common food to the next level in the way it TASTES. Each of our recipes focuses on bringing out the natural goodness of the quality ingredients. Our menu changes to reflect what is in season, so you can be sure that the flavor of each item is at its peak. So, enjoy the food at Joe's Farm Grill, knowing that these common foods have received uncommon care and thought in their preparation.


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