Premier Audio Visual


Premier Audio Visual was founded in Arizona over ten years ago with one idea – to deliver the greatest customer service in the industry. This idea has always been the backbone of Premier Audio Visual. Technology will continue to advance. The way to ensure PAV will be able to stay ahead of competitors is to not only deliver that core customer service, but to allow our clientele to shape what PAV will be. Since its inception, PAV has continued to expand the services we provide, based on the needs of our clientele. In 2002, PAV became the In-House provider of Audio Visual Services for the Mesa Convention Center. PAV’s ability to shape itself based its clients needs, allowed PAV to streamline the event planning process for Mesa Convention Center Cients. In 2006, PAV expanded our operations to include Decorating Services for Trade Shows. No longer would our partners need to contract multiple vendors for their events. In 2009, PAV once again stepped up to the challenge of our clients and expanded our services to include video production, editing, and post production services. As PAV moves ahead this next decade, PAV is excited to see where technology will take us. One thing is certain. PAV will continue to demand the best possible customer service from its staff for all of our Partners.


  • 130 W Main St
  • Mesa, AZ 85201
  • Phone: (480) 460-1800
  • Fax: (480) 460-8732
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