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Az Commemorative Air Force Museum: Speakers Series

Join our presenters as they share over 100 years of US military aviation history.

Oct. 17: The Battle of Midway – The critical naval battle pitting aircraft carriers against each other to stop Imperial Japan from capturing the tiny U.S. Territory in WWII presented by docent Tony Pistilli. FB Event Info

Nov. 7: The Mighty Lancaster Bomber – The iconic heavy bomber of the Royal Air Force in WWII dropped over 600,000 long tons of bombs in the war that engulfed the world. Presented by docent emeritus Mike Mueller. This event starts @ 2 pm.

Nov. 14: RAF Weekend – (Royal Air Force) Find out how the British set up a pilot and aircrew training program at Falcon Field in 1941 and the warm welcome they received from Mesa residents.

Dec. 5: Japan's homeland after Pearl Harbor. Presented by AZCAF docent Mike Shepherd

Dec. 19: The Dam Busters – A captivating story of WWII's daring RAF raids on major dams located in Germany's industrial Ruhr Valley.  Presented by AZCAF docent JK Wight.

While at the Museum, check out our New and Improved Exhibit Updates
• Cobra attack helicopter on display alongside Huey gunship!
• MiG-15 North Korean aircraft restoration completed!
• Medal of Honor recipient James Stockdale memorial exhibit refurbished!
• Flying Tigers exhibit expanded – most famous air combat unit in WWII story told! Story of Chinese pilots trained in Arizona included!
• Doolittle Raiders exhibit updated!
• B-17 ‘Chowhound’ nose section recovered from France crash site – extended exhibit loaned from the Mighty Eighth Museum in Georgia!
• B-24 air gunner at Truk Lagoon – SSgt John Hicks story!

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  • Location: Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum
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  • Time:
    1:00 PM
  • Admission: Included with Admission
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