Az Commemorative Air Force Museum: Speakers Series

Join our presenters as they share over 100 years of US military aviation history. Held on select Saturdays at 1pm.

Jan. 9: WWII-The Home Front – Through 1940’s sounds, stories and photos learn how average American’s dealt with the hardships, and the challenges of WWII on the “Home Front”.  Presented by docent Bill Quehrn

Jan. 23: Hot Stuff - This presentation details the story and consequential tragedy of the first American bomber to complete twenty-five missions over Europe. Presented by docent JK Wight

Feb. 6: Cryptology & the Nazi Spy Ring: Learn how U.S. intelligence unraveled coded Nazi communications and thwarted a spy ring's efforts to steal Norden bombsight technology.

Feb. 20: Big Week: Find out how the U.S. and Royal Air Force worked together in a sequence of massive air raids over Nazi Germany.

Upcoming Dates
March 13 & 27
April 10 & 24

While at the Museum, check out our New and Improved Exhibit Updates
• Cobra attack helicopter on display alongside Huey gunship!
• MiG-15 North Korean aircraft restoration completed!
• Medal of Honor recipient James Stockdale memorial exhibit refurbished!
• Flying Tigers exhibit expanded – most famous air combat unit in WWII story told! Story of Chinese pilots trained in Arizona included!
• Doolittle Raiders exhibit updated!
• B-17 ‘Chowhound’ nose section recovered from France crash site – extended exhibit loaned from the Mighty Eighth Museum in Georgia!
• B-24 air gunner at Truk Lagoon – SSgt John Hicks story!
• New January 2021: Bombadiers – exhibit focusing on the pivotal role bombardiers played in WWII by operating the top-secret Norden bombsight on thousands of missions against the Axis powers. This will be told from the journals and mission reports of B-17 Flying Fortress Bombardier Lt. Allen Buchanan of the 401st Bomb Group.

Upcoming Dates For This Event:

  • Saturday, January 23
  • Saturday, February 13
  • Saturday, February 27
  • Saturday, April 10
  • Saturday, April 24

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  • Location: Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum
  • 2017 N Greenfield Rd
  • Mesa, Arizona 85215
  • Time:
    1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Admission: Included with Admission
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