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Butterfly Wonderland


Butterfly Wonderland takes flight as one of the newest attractions in the Valley with a highly innovative, indoor rainforest environment featuring the largest butterfly pavilion in America. You’ll be welcomed into a magnificent, lush, rainforest environment where thousands of butterflies from around the world fly freely, alighting on fragrant flowering plants and, quite possibly, on a friendly visitor’s shoulder or finger.

Butterfly Wonderland Unveils New “Rainforest Reptile” Exhibit: Rainforest Reptiles - opening the last weekend of May 2017.

Visitors enter the new area following their journey through the Chrysalis Emergence Gallery, the Butterfly Conservatory and the Spineless Giants area. Continuing through a new entranceway, they are greeted by a “Welcome Wall” with interesting facts about the rainforest’s eco-system including how these reptiles interact in the rainforest with the butterflies. Visitors then follow a path to 12 large exhibits, each custom-designed to depict the natural environment of the reptiles and amphibians that hail from the world’s most exotic locales – from Madagascar to Asia and Africa to South America. The exhibits display Poison Dart Frogs, the Mata Mata Turtle, the Green Tree Lizard, Peacock Tree Frogs, the Asian Water Dragon, the White-eyed Crocodile, the Giant Leaf Tail Gecko and many more of the rainforest’s most intriguing reptiles and amphibians. A variety of interactive activities educate guests about these animals in an up-close-and-personal way and include “Animal Talk” presentations. After visiting the new Rainforest Reptile exhibit, visitors then continue to the Tropical Waters exhibit and the rest of the Butterfly Wonderland experience.