Ten years ago Williams Gateway Airport opened for business. The challenge at the time was to change a military operation into a successful civilian operation.

The challenge was met. Today the airport has an annual economic impact of $114 million, generating more than $10 million in yearly tax revenue. There are 1,000 on-airport jobs and 30 aviation-based companies doing business on site.

The (potential) name change to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport will identify Mesa and the airport location in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and give Mesa another economic jumpstart.

Vision Airlines and Allegiant Airlines began passenger service to help make the airport the third busiest in Arizona. Vision commenced passenger service between Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and North Las Vegas nearly two years ago, and Allegiant has based 130-seat turbojet aircraft at Gateway to serve 13 markets.

Allegiant currently serves more than 50 cities in the United States. The airline has established Mesa as a hub, and has a mission to link smaller U.S. cities to world-class sun destinations and to "fly to markets you cannot fly to today.” Allegiant has already announced flights to Rockford, Illinois near Chicago; Rapid City, South Dakota; and Missoula, Montana. Ten more routes will be announced in upcoming weeks.

The low-cost airline currently flies to 53 destinations including cities in California, Washington, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Oregon, Indiana, and Iowa.

Allegiant Air LLC is a subsidiary of Allegiant Travel Company. As a full-service travel company, Allegiant provides great savings to customers by offering complete, low-cost vacation packages. Visit www.allegiantair.com or phone 702-505-8888 to contact the reservation center.

Vision offers competitive pricing for both one-way and round-trip travel. Call Vision Holidays at 800-256-8767 or visit www.visionairlines.com for more information.

In addition to commercial passenger service, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway serves a variety of aircraft including charter, corporate, cargo, general aviation and military.