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"I never felt like the pool was over booked like other facilities do. Do not cram more teams in for sessions. We like having the number of lanes we had. It was perfect!" Coach Martie Staser | Nazareth College
"We have really enjoyed being outdoors training in Arizona. The weather is great and pools have never failed to be warm, even when the air temps dipped into the 30's this past year. We love hiking on the trails and stay very active during the day with the team. Camelback and a few of the hikes in Sedona have become annual traditions. It never gets old looking out and seeing the mountains while we watch the sunrise or set. Beautiful country!" Peggy Ewald | Head Coach at Ohio Northern University
"You have a first-class facility. Access was as easy as possible and the staff was always accommodating." Coach Ryan Mallette | Canadian Sport Institute Pacific
“We really enjoyed our stay in Mesa. The facility met our needs, 50 meters in the AM, Short Course in the PM is excellent. Having the boards in a separate area that did not take away from lane space was most excellent. The Mesa staff was delightful, attentive and helpful. Because this is run through Visit Mesa we had more area info than the places we have been in the past. The personalized attention, the accessible schedule on google docs, the area info. We would come back because of the weather, the pool, the personal attention and the feeling of being welcome.” Jennifer Wallace | Pennsylvania State-Behrend University