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Lochiel Brewing was founded in May 2015 by Ian Cameron, a ninth-generation brewer of the Clan Cameron lineage, in Mesa, Arizona.
The brewery consists of a two-vessel 10-barrel full electric, brewhouse with several 7-barrel and 15-barrel fermenters and brite tanks focusing on the production of traditional malt-forward Scottish, Irish, and English-styled beers.
All beers except the Statehood Lager produced by Lochiel Brewing are family recipes.
The Scotch Ale recipe, particularly, is 300+ years old.
The Cameron Clan hails from the Northwest Highland region of Lochaber which is close to Fort William.
The name “Lochiel” (pronounced as lock-eel) represents the Chieftain and Noble branch of the Clan Cameron family in Scotland and abroad. The Chieftains are like Lairds, landowners, and the persons who dictate the laws of their land and settles disputes between clansfolk and handles business with other clans whether allies or not. 

Hours of operation: Thurs-Fri, 3-8p, Sat 1-8p, Sun 2-6p

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