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Accessibility Resources

Being “City Limitless” means allowing all people to come and enjoy Mesa just the way they are. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a never-ending effort. This collection of resources is meant to be a starting-off point in the journey of becoming inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

Use these resources to become knowledgeable about the programs and technology Mesa offers.


Training is essential to build confidence and skills. These resources will help you better understand the needs of those with disabilities and how to better serve them.

Accessibility and etiquette from Ability 360
Disability Etiquette Tips
People First Language
Disability Awareness Presentation

Website Accessibility
Guidance from the Department of Justice


2023 Miles Partnership

Travelers with Disabilities: Original research, Analysis & Recommendations

2022 MMGY Portrait of Travelers with Disabilities Study

Part One
Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


We have partnered with TravelAbility an organization whose purpose is to make travel for people with disabilities easier by educating the travel industry on how to become more accessible for all travelers.


Hospitality Education Part One
Hospitality Education Part Two
Hospitality: Hotel Education
Hospitality: Restaurant Education

Supporting Etiquette Material

Supporting Hotel Material

Supporting Restaurant Material



A third-party database of virtual tours & and information to “know before you go”
Key things to know:

  • The businesses that are listed on Able Eyes are automatically added from the Threshold 360 virtual tours
  • QR codes are generated and sent to these businesses to display at their door, allowing for visitors to see what’s inside, should they feel they need to see before entering
  • Able Eyes promotes these locations through their social media


An on-demand visual interpreter
Key things to know:

  • Service for people who are blind or have low-vision
  • Free & unlimited for anyone within the Mesa boundary (outside of the boundary, it’s only free for five minutes)
  • The service employs real people and uses the lens of a smartphone to connect with “explorers” (those using the service)


Mesa, AZ is the only Autism Certified City in the United States
Key things to know:

  • The certification is done through an independent agency: the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES)
  • Certification is renewed every other year (new information is always updated)
  • There are over 50 businesses and 5,000 individuals who have been certified in Mesa

To learn about the process of becoming autism certified, reach out to

Build your own Sensory Kits

Autism: Podcast video

Defining Autism video


A bright green lanyard with sunflowers printed on it for people who have hidden disabilities to wear as they explore the city
Key things to know:

  • Optional program for visitors who have hidden disabilities which could include: autism, deafness, severe anxiety, PTSD, etc.
  • Lanyards are free of charge and can be picked up at larger hotels, museums, Gateway airport and Visit Mesa
  • All businesses should let their employees know that when they see someone wearing the lanyard: be patient, be kind, be extra helpful

Learn more about the Hidden Disability Sunflower Program


Virtual Tours: Virtual tours hosted online to “know before you go with accessibility in mind”

Key things to know:

  • Visit Mesa has partnered with Threshold 360 to capture these videos at no charge for select partners
  • The videos include restrooms, ADA guest rooms (hotels), and parking lots to have a full picture of the accessibility of these locations
  • The videos are also a great sales tool and partners can use them on their website

What Can I Do with My Threshold Link?
How to Embed a Virtual Tour
Capture Process
Destination Partner Benefit
How to Create a Threshold Link

Webinar: Becoming an Accessible Destination

Wheel The World

A third-party booking engine for travelers with disabilities

Key things to know:

  • 30 Mesa area hotels and attractions have been listed on the Wheel the World website
  • Visitors can create a profile on the platform, and Wheel the World will recommend the best "match" for hotels and tours


A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the daily resident and visitor experience by elevating Mesa’s already leading position as an accessible, equitable and inclusive city through purposeful education and innovative technology.

Programs include:
S.T.E.P. - Student Tourism Exploration Program inspiring Mesa’s future hospitality workforce by introducing students to career opportunities within the industry.

Camp Level Up - A summer camp providing neurodivergent youth with professional pathways and social development through game design. Level Up empowers teens to create their own games and media experiences with a community of like-minded peers.