The Clumsy Princess

Presented by East Valley Children's Theatre:

Its hard work being a prince. After all, you have to make sure your clothes are the latest in fashion, your teeth are shiny, and your hair is utterly perfect. And, of course, you need to be charming. Prince Stephan has devoted his life to being the ultimate prince. But, of course, the one thing an ultimate prince needs most is a picture-perfect princess. Unfortunately, Stephan’s plans for marriage quickly deteriorate when he meets Princess Tilly, a clumsy young woman who accidentally knocks him out of a window. Stranded in his own kingdom for the first time, Stephan learns of a terrible beast plaguing his people. The ultimate prince would defeat any such beast, so Stephan embarks on a quest with Tilly and his court jester, Felicity, to set things right again. Of course, the beast isn’t exactly what he thought it would be…

by J.S. Puller & Joe Esher, winner of EVCT’s 2020 Aspiring Playwriting Contest

Showtimes vary, see site for schedule


Upcoming Dates For This Event:

  • Friday, September 24
  • Saturday, September 25
  • Sunday, September 26
  • Thursday, September 30
  • Friday, October 1
  • Saturday, October 2
  • Sunday, October 3

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  • Location: Mesa Arts Center
  • 1 E Main St
  • Nesbitt/Elliott Playhouse
  • Mesa, AZ 85201
  • Admission: $15
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