Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum


Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum is the exciting visual art exhibition space at Mesa Arts Center. In five stunning galleries, MCAM showcases curated and juried exhibitions of contemporary art by emerging and internationally recognized artists. MCAM also offers lectures by significant artists and arts professionals, art workshops, and a volunteer docent program.

Current Exhibits:

Cartomancy-The Seni Horoscopes – Apr. 12 - Aug. 4, 2019
Shay Bredimus, who grew up in Phoenix, is a nationally celebrated tattoo and visual artist known for his signature technique of incorporating tattoo ink and wax crayon on drafting film. Bredimus’ Seni Horoscopes are comprised of 72 unique works based on the 17th century German fortune telling card system by Italian oracle Giovanni Battista Seni. The cards reference and reimagine the iconic and mystical symbols through a mixture of pictographs and portraits.

Zoo – Apr. 19 - Aug. 4, 2019
As with most museums, the Mesa Contemporary Arts (MCA) Museum Docents are central to the functionality of the museum. Through their volunteer efforts and assistance, tours are conducted, artwork is researched, special talks are prepared and opening receptions succeed. This exhibition was entirely curated by the MCA Museum Docents and demonstrates some of the research they have conducted on animal inspired works from the permanent collection.

True and Livin' – Apr. 26 - Aug. 4, 2019
Artist and Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Arizona, Aaron Coleman is renowned for his powerful, sociopolitical commentaries. Coleman examines religious ideologies, scientific research, popular culture and political policies that uphold and perpetuate myths, stereotypes and laws that relegate African, Latino and Indigenous peoples to a permanent second-class status. In this installation, Coleman uses painting, sculptures and mixed media to expose the incessant and diabolical strategies of colonialism as well as its lingering impact on American society.

Petrichor – May 10 - Aug. 4, 2019
Born and raised in Mesa, Arizona, Esao Andrews is a Japanese-American artist and illustrator, who has gained international acclaim for his album artwork and comic book covers. Working primarily in oil on wood panel, Andrews combines Gothic grotesque, erotic and surrealist imagery. This exhibition will feature site specific murals alongside new and old works that create vicarious gateways into worlds populated by stirrings of the subconscious.

Allure – May 10 - Aug. 4, 2019
Crystal Wagner is an internationally established interdisciplinary artist known for her site-specific installations that are recycled hybrids between manufactured and organic worlds. With chicken wire and torn colorful plastic table cloths, Wagner creates lush sculptures that are shaped into reimagined plant life in exotic environments. She is interested in exploring the dichotomy of familiarity and foreign and how they relate to nature and the human experience.