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PLOGGING ARIZONA: Impact Travel Makes a Dent on Mesa's Desert Trails

Nature lovers can take in the sights and make Mesa a better place by leaving their mark on the city's desert trails and along the ever-flowing riverbanks as part of Plogging Arizona's new guided volunteerism tours.

More and more travelers are finding purpose in their journeys and seeking out ways to leave a lasting impact in the destination they are visiting. Visitors are always on the hunt for local causes to support during their trips and are more consciously selective about where they shop, eat and leave their mark on vacation. Not only does voluntourism feel good for the soul, it's a way to spread the message of need in the world and invite others to join the effort.

The Swedish craze of collecting trash while jogging (known as 'plocka upp') has made its way to the Sonoran Desert. Visitors to Mesa can now participate in guided 'plogging' tours with local naturalist Sarah Williams and Nicole Corey, co-founder of Guests can sign up for plogging adventures along the Lower Salt River and into the neighboring hills and desert pathways of the Tonto National Forest. The year-round calendar of clean-up events operated by Natural Restorations keeps Mesa's surrounding environment a beautiful place to experience the untouched nature of the Southwest.

Keep Nature Wild Co.
is another leading Mesa-based outfitter advocating for responsible outdoor recreation through clean up and maintenance of public lands. Founders Sean Huntington and Cameron Jarman also operate a collaborative retail shop on Mesa's Main Street that promotes their wilderness clean-up activities throughout Arizona and brings attention to their clothing and lifestyle brand that celebrates all things wild.

To learn more about scheduled clean ups find Plogging Arizona (@desertploggers) and Natural Restorations on Facebook.

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