Here in Mesa City Limitless®, there’s no shortage of beautiful public art. That’s partly in thanks to the iconic Mesa Arts Center, a cultural staple that offers art experiences for everyone across their five theatres, 14 studios and most notably, across their campus through public art installations that can be enjoyed by any passerby.


Last month a new permanent public art installation, “Mesa Musical Shadows,” was unveiled at the north end of the MAC campus. The interactive exhibit features four original musical scores for the project, which change throughout the day. There’s a morning score, an upbeat midday score, an evening score, and a mysterious late-night score to fit every mood of the day. As music plays, visitors are encouraged to walk across sensors in the exhibit.



As their shadows hit the sensors, the changes in light trigger different melodic and percussive sounds from speakers embedded in the plaza. The sensors can be activated by just one person or a group of people. The designers encourage groups of people to walk through the sensors, which will create a distinct, more complex composition.


The Mesa Arts Center believes that “Mesa Musical Shadows” will “add a bit of joy along visitor’s paths, increasing the sense of place of the site and ultimately encouraging ad-hoc connections and cooperation between people.” We most certainly agree!


We’d love to see how you interact with “Mesa Musical Shadows!” Visit the exhibit and share your experience by tagging us with #VisitMesa and #MesaCityLimitless.

Photo credit:Slaven Gujik