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Visitors Mean Business

Direct travel spending in Arizona generated $2.9 billion in local, state and federal tax revenues in 2015 (Travel Statistics, Travel Impacts, Dean Runyan Associates), or $1.7 billion when not factoring federal tax revenues, which would nearly cover the wages of all police officers, secondary school teachers and firefighters in the state of Arizona.

According to the same study, 42.1 million domestic and international overnight travelers visited Arizona in 2015 (115,000 each day), spending $21 billion. Over seventy percent of this spending comes from out of state and from international visitors, which represents new money imported into the Arizona economy.

Twenty-two (22.1) million visitors to Maricopa County in 2015 spent $13.6 billion and supported 105,220 jobs and contributed $1.1 billion in state and local tax revenue (Source: 2015 Arizona Travel Impacts, Dean Runyan Associates).

Consider these additional important impacts:

  • In 2015, the Arizona Travel Industry generated $1,180 in local, state and federal tax receipts (tax breaks) for each Arizona household.
  • The average domestic, non-resident visitor to Arizona stays 4.0 nights; the average party size is 2.9 persons; the average spend is $688 per party/trip.
  • Direct travel-related employment throughout the state was 179,600 in 2015. When considering secondary impacts, or the re-spending of travel related revenues by businesses and employees, there are an additional 154,400 jobs created.

It is important to note that the visitor industry employs, directly and indirectly, many residents throughout the state who, of course, move the economy along through their own purchases, investments and tax payments.

Visitor-related taxes are extremely efficient in their yield as visitors do not utilize most of the local, public services that governments and schools provide.

In fiscal year 2015-16, each dollar invested in Visit Mesa by the City of Mesa returned $18.56 in estimated future direct expenditures by meeting and event attendees booked during this fiscal year. This is a conservative figure and does not include leisure impacts driven by Visit Mesa’s efforts in Marketing, Communications and Social Media.