Visitors Mean Business

Direct travel spending in Arizona generates billions of dollars in local, state and federal tax revenues in each year.

It is important to note that the visitor industry employs, directly and indirectly, many residents throughout the state who, of course, move the economy along through their own purchases, investments, and tax payments.

Visitor-related taxes are extremely efficient in their yield as visitors do not utilize most of the local, public services that governments and schools provide.


  • 4.4M visitors to Mesa in 2018 directly spent $463.1M within the City, which is an 8.5% increase over 2017. *
  • Average number of nights spent in Mesa for an overnight trip was 5.1 nights. *
  • Average travel party size was 2.7 persons. *
  • In fiscal year 2018-19, each dollar invested in Visit Mesa by the City of Mesa returned $23.49 in estimated future direct expenditures by meeting and event attendees and tour operator driven groups booked during this fiscal year. This is a conservative figure and does not include consumer impacts driven by Visit Mesa’s efforts in Marketing, Communications and Social Media. *

*Source: Longwoods International 2018 Mesa Visitor Profile Study


  • According to Dean Runyan Associates, 23.2M visitors spent $12B and supported 107,660 jobs and contributed $1.4B in state and local tax revenue.**
  • Visitor spending in Maricopa County saves every county household $850 in taxes per year. **


  • 45.4M domestic and international overnight visitors chose to experience Arizona in 2018. **
  • These visitors generated over $24.4B in spending, which is a y/o/y increase of 7.5%**
  • In 2018, travel-generated employment reached a new record of more than 192,000. This represents an addition of 4,900 jobs for our residents over the previous year. **
  • Visitor spending in Arizona led to $3.63B in local and state tax revenue.**

**Source: Dean Runyan Associates and Tourism Economics - Click HERE to review full 74 page report.

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