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November 15, 2022

Find Your Joy with the Adventure Explorer Passport

Embark on Visit Mesa’s new Adventure Explorer Passport. This passport will guide guests throughout Mesa and its surrounding areas to see all that Mesa has to offer. Adventure enthusiasts will especially love these excursions, as this passport is full of action-packed stops that guests won’t want to miss.

Wildjoy Favorites

Drive the Iconic Apache Trail, Historic Route 88, to Tortilla Flat

Follow the footsteps that Native Americans and hopeful prospectors took over 100 years ago. The Apache Trail features miles of spectacular desert wilderness and scenic beauty on your drive to Tortilla Flat Saloon. The famous authentic stagecoach stop is nestled in the Superstition Mountain Wilderness.

Hike to See Hieroglyphic Trail/Hike to the Wind Cave/Take an Accessible Hike

Embark on one of Mesa’s amazing trails. Whether hikers are seeking to find hieroglyphics, determined to reach a wind cave or are looking for an accessible hike, Mesa has something to offer for everyone. The climb proves to be worth it time and time again, as the views are breathtaking.

Hunt for Wildflowers at Lost Dutchman Arizona State Park

Lost Dutchman State Park is located on the Apache Trail, just east of Apache Junction. Aside from its beautiful hikes and extraordinary scenery, wildflowers cover a large area of land. As the park is home to many flowering plants, visitors can be sure to find a bright stretch of land among Mesa’s desert.

Leave No Trace at the Salt River

The iconic 200-mile Salt River provides much of the water supply for Greater Phoenix, thanks to canals, pipelines, and reservoirs. When we all do our part, we keep wildlife strong and ensure everyone is welcomed to enjoy these remarkable places together. This is a perfect area to do your part and help clean up our desert shoreline.

Ride the Rapids on the Lower Salt River/Observe the Wild Horses

The Lower Salt River flows year-round and is one of the most scenic settings in Arizona with abundant Arizona Upland Sonoran Desert vegetation and wildlife. Wild horses live and hang out along the shores of the Salt River, so guests can keep an eye out in hopes of seeing some. Additionally, the sandy shoreline of Phon D Sutton Recreation Area offers convenient parking and walk-up access making it an ideal stop for SUP, fishing, rafting, and SUP lovers.

Saddle Up at Saguaro Lake Ranch Stables

At Saguaro Lake Ranch, the riding stables provide guided horse trail rides through the Sonoran Desert in the majestic Goldfield Mountain range. These trails take you on saguaro cactus-studded ridges, across and along the Lower Salt River, into dry arroyos, and up the creosote-covered hills that overlook Saguaro Lake.

Ziplining at Goldfield Ghost Town

Take a ride over Goldfield Ghost Town on Superstition Zipline. Soar over the charming mining town that has welcomed travelers for over 115 years and discover the history that this little town holds.

More to Explore

Catch a Colorful Sunrise/Count the Colors in the Sunset

Whether sunrise or sunset, the Arizona skies are known for their beautifully colored skies. Watch from a beautiful view, the top of a mountain or the comfort of a backyard to catch the magnificent colors that paint the sky. There are countless, perfect settings in which to enjoy a sunrise or sunset from.

Cruise Canyon Lake aboard The Dolly Steamboat

Climb aboard The Dolly Steamboat for a tour of Canyon Lake. Cruise along the water into secluded waterways and encounter wildlife like desert bighorn sheep along the shorelines. The 90-minute nature cruise or twilight dinner cruise is the perfect complement to a trip to Mesa.

Enjoy a Lake Day @ Canyon Lake Marina/Enjoy a Lake Day @ Saguaro Lake Marina

Arizona is home to Canyon Lake and Saguaro Lake, among many others. These lakes both offer a great spot to enjoy a sunny day or to cool off during the hot, summer months. Both lakes are lined with beautiful desert scenery and wildlife that encompass a perfect desert adventure.

Explore the San Tan Mountain Regional Park

Located just south of the Maricopa/Pinal County line near the Town of Queen Creek, the San Tan Mountain Regional Park has been used for decades for various recreation activities such as hiking, equestrian riding, and wildlife photography. The park is rich with unique historical, cultural, and biological resources.

Go Bird Watching

Coon Bluff is the best general birding site along the 13-mile stretch of the Lower Salt River. Adjacent to the lower portion of the Salt River, a stand of mesquite provides welcome shade. This area is often frequented by Cooper’s Hawk, Ladder-backed Woodpecker, Vermilion Flycatcher, and Phainopepla.

Go Off-Roading

Get ready for an ultimate adventure and go off-roading!There are many choices for off-roading adventures. Enjoy a thrilling afternoon exploring the desert landscape. Explore spots like Butcher Jones, Bulldog Canyon, Four Peaks, and Montana Mountain.

Hop Aboard a Segway Tour

The American West is alive and well at Fort McDowell Adventures. The Yavapai Nation hosts these adventure tours in the beautiful Sonoran Desert. Exclusive and uncrowded, nature is perfectly preserved on the sanctuary of the Yavapai Nation land. Blue skies, the Verde River and Wild creatures combine to create an oasis of adventure in the Sonoran Desert.

Shred the Desert at the Bike Trail/Mountain Bike Through Hawes Trail

Mountain biking can look different based on the location and who the biker is. For the daredevil, this may look more like Desert Trails Park. This park is 35 acres and includes a series of hiking and biking trails, a pump track, a kids’ skills track and two ramada. On the other hand, The Hawes Trail Network provides an intermediate ride in northeast Mesa that is known for its exciting twists, turns, and big views. Developed by mountain bikers, these trails offer some excellent singletrack fun without much steep, strenuous climbing. This is an excellent morning ride for cross-country style riders looking for a less rocky trail to cruise around on.