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June 04, 2024

The Top Bakeries in Mesa

Discover Mesa’s finest bakeries and cake shops, satisfying your sweet tooth with a diverse selection of pastries.

With Mesa’s thriving culinary scene, it’s no surprise that our bakeries are a major component of our gastronomic culture. Here, birthday cakes, holiday pies, and artisanal bread are served in abundance. Our list of bakeries are dipped in budget-friendly prices and drizzled with outstanding services.

1. Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea & Gallery

154 W Main Street

Explore a lively part of Mesa’s arts scene while biting into a vegan muffin at Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea & Gallery. Surround yourself with eclectic artwork and displays of jewelry. Pair your baked goods with a drink like the coconut cold brew.

2. Renegade Coffee Company

242 W University Drive

This local coffee shop prides itself on flavorsome lattes and bagels. Give your morning fuel an extra boost with a double chocolate doughnut.

3. Outcast Doughnuts

104 W Main Street Suite 103

This inviting place isn’t your typical glazed doughnut spot–Outcast Doughnuts specializes in a one-of-a-kind layered creation. Imagine golden croissant-like layers containing a buttery soft interior, topped with your favorite ingredients on the outside. Outcast Doughnuts has something for everyone, brimming with refreshing beer options, an onsite video game setup, and fruity pebble-topped delights.

4. Proof Bread

125 W Main Street

Sourdough aficionados will enjoy indulging in a variety of artisan breads and pastries. Utilizing traditional bread making methods, Proof Bread is the ultimate hub for classics such as baguettes, English muffins, and sandwich loaves. From Roman pizza to chewy cookies, you will simply “knead” to make a trip to Proof Bread.

TIP: We recommend trying the versatile fruit and nut boule with cream cheese for breakfast, or as a light bite on a charcuterie board.

5. Taste 117

144 S. Mesa Drive

Make your way to this artisan chocolate shop, where chocolate abounds in afternoon tea, fondue, and desserts. From European-style hot chocolate to rich brownies, you’ll find a cocoa-centered haven at Taste 117.

6. The Salted Knot

21 West Main Street

Pretzel enthusiasts will be enthralled by the original flavor of each knotted pastry, ranging from garlic-parmesan to nutella. Along with a galore of pretzels, The Salted Knot offers desserts such as affogato and ice cream.

7. Sassy’s Cafe & Bakery

4210 E Main Street

This combined restaurant and bakery is a quaint culinary gem in Mesa. Enter in the welcoming space and marvel at the various baked goods on display, including eye-catching birthday cakes. Uncover a diverse array of keto-friendly sweet treats, featuring macarons and German chocolate bites.

8. 19th Donut Hole

116 N Lindsay Road Unit 17

Budget-friendly prices and scrumptious pastries can be found in surplus at 19th Donut Hole. Doughnuts are fried to a golden color and are drizzled with captivating frostings. Take home a selection of glazed and buttermilk doughnuts. Experience the airy texture of each pastry with every bite. 19th Doughnut Hole also offers gluten-free and halal-baked goods for all preferences and tastes.

9. Against the Grain

124 W Main Street

This downtown Mesa spot carefully crafts gluten-free pastries and breads for all tastes. Against the Grain serves fresh baked goods in a cozy space, where new visitors will most likely become instant regulars.


66 S Dobson Road #137

Nestled in the heart of the Asian District, this Chinese bakery stocks its displays with a diverse selection of sweet and savory items. Don’t sleep on a slice of matcha cake, taking in the harmonious combination of the sweet cream and slightly bitter green tea powder. For a savory twist, choose the pork sung buns, which are bursting with savory pork jerky on a fluffy milk bread.

11. AZ Chimney Cakes

1055 N Dobson Road #104

Kürtöskalács, which are also known as chimney cakes, are Hungarian pastries consisting of a crunchy shell and a light dough. AZ Chimney Cakes, however, takes this European tradition a step further. Cool down with an ice cream snack like the bavarian cream and strawberries in a chimney cake. Traverse across the various culinary cultures of Europe with flavors that showcase the best of Munich, Barcelona, Vienna, and beyond.

12. Bak&Jo

2820 E University Drive UNIT 110

Whether you’re looking for a spot to work or making a new coffee morning routine, Bak&Jo has you covered with sophisticated caffeine offerings and exquisite baked goods. Macarons are enhanced with delectable flavors such as milk tea, raspberry-pomegranate, and ube oreo. Cheesecakes are infused with captivating counterparts such as creme brulee and tiramisu. With spacious seating spots, kid-friendly games, and a book caddy, Bak&Jo sets a pleasant scene for a quick bite or a leisurely gathering.

13. Buttered Up Bakery

2628 W Birchwood Circle Building C

Pastries are love letters to French cuisine at Buttered Up Bakery. Hearty croissant sandwiches are enveloped in buttery folds, while cookies feel like warm hugs. Chicago pizza puffs and kouign-amann are a couple of the shining stars on the menu. The welcoming staff will make you feel at home and guide you through the mouth watering options. Fall in love with an ingenious spin on a childhood classic–the grilled cheese sandwich. Buttered Up Bakery replaces the typical bread with croissants and fills the middle with a variety of cheeses, including melted sharp cheddar, parmesan, Swiss, and feta.

14. Cielito Rosa Bakery

1720 W Southern Avenue

This pink-themed bakery will have you saying “Hi Barbie!” to an array of scrumptious pastries. Decorated with walls of flowers and playful neon signs, Cielito Rosa Bakery sets a vibrant Instagram-worthy scene. The stars of the show, however, are the American and Mexican treats. Indulge in the carlota de limón, savoring the airy textures of a key lime pie-like dessert.

15. Cupcakesters

2729 E Main Street #103

Cupcakesters will ensure that all of your visits feel like a birthday celebration with attentive services and decadent eats! Cupcake varieties include the peanut butter bomb, walnut-caramel crunch, and orange creamsicle.

16. Elysian Fields Magic

6727 E McDowell Road #104

Wander into this whimsical boutique and bakery, where handcrafted items and English-themed pastries will transport you to an idyllic cottage. Reserve a time for afternoon tea, treating yourself to tarts, pastries, scones, and finger sandwiches. The floral shortbread cookies are additional delights, bursting with aromatic cherry blossom and gentle elderflower notes.

17. La Estrella Panadería y Carnicería

819 E Broadway Road

Discover authentic Mexican pastries and breads at this local neighborhood establishment. Prepare yourself for the tantalizing smells of sugar and spices wafting throughout the space. This intimate grocery shop is a must-try stop for stuffed bolillos, conchas, tres leches cake, and flan.

18. Nothing Bundt Cakes

2285 E Baseline Road #103

If it’s your first time at Nothing Bundt Cakes, we feel obliged to give you a friendly warning: cakes are usually devoured in less than five minutes at this spot. With velvety soft bites and charming packaging, this cake shop transforms bundt classics into frosting-coated joys.

19. Paris Baguette

1919 W Mesa Street

Experience a Korean twist on French pastries and drinks at Paris Baguette. Nestled in H Mart, complete your grocery shopping with a curated selection of doughnuts, croissants, and cakes. From seasonal specials to its beloved red bean breads, each baked creation is a fluffy delight.

20. PIEfection

6731 E Brown Road

The baked goods at PIEfection are nothing short of perfection. Each pie is baked in-house on a daily basis and is filled with the freshest ingredients. Pot pies with a chicken enchilada filling and sweet pies with Belgian chocolate will dazzle your palate. We suggest trying a slice of the strawberry cheesecake, or the lemon meringue pie.

21. Rolled Out Bakery

1110 W Southern Avenue #8

Situated inside of Beanchain Coffee, Rolled Out Bakery will elevate your coffee ritual with flavorful baked goods. For a savory treat, order the bacon ranch roll and delve into a stunning balance of bacon, ranch, ham, and cheese. Craving a sweet bite? Rolled Out Bakery’s iconic cinnamon roll features heaps of cream cheese frosting that will melt in your mouth.

22. Sugarlips Cakery

1837 W Guadalupe Road UNIT 101

Sugarlips Cakery is a legend in the “baking.” Known for its intricately designed cakes and unique flavors, this local-favorite spot is a cake lover’s paradise. Pink champagne, java chip, and caramel are a few of the spectacular baked treats at Sugarlips Cakery.

23. Sweet Time Bakery

66 S Dobson Road #136

Sweet Time Bakery is an Asian District staple, showcasing popular breads and cakes from the other side of the world. With comfortable seating in a chic space, it’ll be hard to leave this stylish cafe. Sensational baked goods include the Japanese cheesecake, green onion bread, and the coconut cream bun.

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