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Posted By Visit Mesa Team
January 11, 2019

Family Friendly Hikes in Mesa City Limitless

List of family-friendly hikes in and around Mesa City Limitless, Usery Mountain Regional Park, Lost Dutchman State Park, and the Superstition Wilderness.

Looking for family-friendly trails that are not only easy to find but are full of adventure? Then pack your water bottles and hiking shoes and explore some of the most popular trails in the Sonoran Desert, right here in Mesa City Limitless! Travel through the breathtaking landscapes and experience the variety of species and plants that inhabit this beautiful environment.

Kids Hike with Ranger

1. Merkle Trail

Usery Mountain Regional Park

Looking for something short and sweet? Whether you are a first-time hiker or a highly experienced one, this 1-mile loop is perfect for all skill levels. You will enjoy the unique desert flora and fauna that includes views of saguaro, cholla, and palo verde. This wide path is commonly used for many educational tours revolving the open desert and beautiful scenery. The benefits that surround having a barrier-free trail, is that the hike will be wheelchair accessible and stroller-friendly. Perfect for family members of all ages!

Hiking group at Usery with Hashtag sign

2. Cat Peaks Trail

Usery Mountain Regional Park

Beautiful desert scenery inhabits this trail that lies within Usery Mountain Regional Park. The 2.7-mile loop is relatively kid-friendly and easily accessible! How you decide to hike this trail is up to you because the path is suitable for biking and horseback as well! Don't miss out on the fantastic panorama from atop of the peaks that are perfect for photos! Make sure to add this trail on your bucket list to experience the best views of the Superstition Mountains.

Hiking Wonderland

3. Native Plant Trail

Lost Dutchman Arizona State Park

Are you looking for a hike that is more "green"? Then add this quarter of a mile desert vegetation hike to your travel list! Perfect for the family and easy to find, this paved trail will lead you through an abundance of native plants that inhabit the desert around you. The beautiful scenery and the open landscape will show you the beauty that Arizona has to offer. The accessible walking spaces are also perfect for little legs. Maybe you will see some tiny animals along the way!

Located near the visitor center at the Lost Dutchman State Park

Girl on Hieroglyphic Trail Superstition Mountain Wilderness Family Hiking

4. Hieroglyphic Trail

Superstition Wilderness

This 1.5-mile trail is the perfect educational hike for kids to learn more about the ancient Hohokam Indian settlement that dates up to 1500 years ago. The easy slope begins with views of many cacti and ends with a rocky section filled with seasonal pools. Ancient petroglyphs can be found etched into the surfaces of the rocks. You will be amazed by the history and beauty that lies in this unforgettable trail.

Located off the edges of Gold Canyon along the US 60

Flatiron sunset in the Superstition Mountains

5. Peralta Trail

Superstition Wilderness

Ready to dedicate half of your day for this one-of-a-kind hiking experience? If yes, then go explore the 5-mile round-trip hike that begins at Peralta Canyon. You will be amazed at the variety of desert plants that inhabit this area including Jojoba, Cacti, Yucca and much more! Capturing the up-close photos of Weavers Needle will the peak of your trip. Kids will love hiking up in elevation to see the various rock formations and seasonal pools. Are you up for the challenge?