Autism GeoTour in City Limitless® | Visit Mesa

October 27, 2020

Autism GeoTour in City Limitless®

Find and seek for for all ages! Safe-Socially Distanced-Family Fun!

Visit Mesa has partnered with the experts at Geocaching HQ to bring visitors an incredible hide-and-seek travel quest throughout the city. Visit Mesa’s original Autism GeoTour (FT48C) was developed as a way to engage travelers on the autism spectrum and provide a fun way to explore all corners of the city on a quest for caches. (originally launched in Nov. 2019) Learn more about the First Autism Certified City-Mesa:

Visit Mesa's newest tour just launched on Dec. 1, 2020
The Fresh Foodie Trail® GeoTour (GT49A) takes you to the doorstep of East Valley farms and the agritourism attractions in our surrounding towns. Learn more about the Fresh Foodie Trail®:

Perfect for any visitor, from outdoor adventurers to tech-lovers, the popularity of the sport is growing.
In addition to the the digital souvenir directly in the Geocaching app, visitors that find at least 5 geocaches on Autism GeoTour and/or all 10 geocaches on the Fresh Foodie Tour can then visit the Mesa Visitors Center (120 N. Center St., Mesa) during regular business hours to collect a special souvenir(s) celebrating their adventure!

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game where players use a mobile app or dedicated GPS device to find cleverly hidden containers called geocaches. Today, there are more than 3 million geocaches in over 190 countries.

Get treasure hunting throughout Mesa in three easy steps!

  1. To access on mobile, download the free Geocaching® app available in your app store
  2. Log in or Sign up and search for the Visit Mesa Autism Travel GeoTour and view the current list of geocaches hidden in Mesa and throughout our region
  3. Turn on your ‘Location Services’ and search under GeoTours GT48C for the Visit Mesa Autism Travel GeoTour.

10 Tips Before You Geocache

  1. Use your eyes, hands, and geo-senses.
  2. Look for something that seems out of place.
  3. Geocaches are often disguised.
  4. Think like a detective.
  5. Geocaches should never be buried.
  6. Look high, look low, look around.
  7. Respect your surroundings.
  8. Check the hint.
  9. Watch for previous activity.
  10. Be patient. They’re out there!
Off you go…! Remember to log your activity on the app and leave a treasure behind for others to find. Happy hunting!