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April 25, 2023

Spring Into the Season with a Hike

Hiking enthusiast Kelly Hahs loves taking the path less traveled. Read along below to learn about some hikes to try this spring. These hikes are located throughout Mesa, and the valley in general, and are great for all different ability levels.

Trails Perfect for Spring

Peralta Regional Park

This park holds several different trails throughout it, all of which are family friendly. Many of these trails are also great for mountain biking as well. Visitors can utilize bathrooms, camping sites, picnic tables and BBQ pits that are lined throughout the park. It is both kid and pet friendly and is a $7 entrance fee. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful wildflowers, especially during the spring, as they are scattered throughout the park.

Turks Cap Summit

Frolic among the flowers as you hike through Turks Cap Summit. This trail is 5.3 miles round trip and is a moderately challenging route. While this trail is especially perfect during the springtime, it is great anytime of the year. Dogs are welcome and can even be off leash in certain areas. Come experience the super bloom!

Family Friendly Hikes

Wave Cave

This Instagram-able hike is tucked away in the mountains, so it is truly a hidden treasure. The trail is 3 miles round trip and has an 869 ft elevation gain. While this hike does have some loose gravel rock near the top, it is not overly difficult and is definitely family friendly. The destination is the wave-shaped rock tucked in a cave within the mountains. This hike is great at sunrise as well. Parking fills up fast, so it is best that hikers get there early to secure a spot.

Saguaro Trail

Another family friendly hike entails a 2.4-mile trail. Saguaro Trail has a 472 ft elevation gain and is located right in Mesa. With views of the Salt River, this trail is especially beautiful at sunset.

Hieroglyphics Trail

Ever wanted to see hieroglyphics? Here you can! Embark on a 2.9-mile hike with a destination of ancient petroglyphs written in the side of the mountains. After a good rain here in the desert, pools will develop throughout the trail, making a fun addition to the already unique hike. The hike is rated moderate, as there is a steady 564 ft increase in elevation. This hike is kid and pet friendly as well.

More Challenging Hikes

Three Sisters Summit

Ramping it up a bit, this hike is 6.9 miles in length. There is a total of 2503 ft in an increase in elevation. This hike is rated hard. The trail starts at Carney Springs Trailhead in the Superstition Mountains and goes over into the Ridgeline.

Flat Iron

This hike is quite challenging but is definitely worth the trek. The view is so amazing that the climb won't be the only thing taking your breath away. There are a few rest stops along the way but be sure to pack plenty of snacks and water. It is 5.5 miles roundtrip and challenges hikers with a 2,641 ft elevation gain.

Peak 5024

The second highest peak in the Superstition Mountains is Peak 5024. The peak sits at 5024 ft in elevation and is 7 miles round trip to complete. In order to reach the top, hikers will face a 3000 ft increase in elevation. With the challenging journey comes a great reward. There are stunning views at the top, looking down at Flat Iron and the whole valley on a clear day.