Bees Are All the Buzz in Downtown Mesa | Visit Mesa

Posted By Brooke Dixon
September 12, 2023

Bees Are All the Buzz in Downtown Mesa

Every September brings us National Honey Month! Read more to learn about our busy bees right here in Downtown Mesa:

What's the Buzz About the Bees?

Visit Mesa is proud to partner with Alvéole, a company dedicated to helping beehives flourish in urban populations. The bee population in Downtown Mesa is nestled within Freeman Farms, allowing the bees to frolic and pollinate the surrounding area. With their innovative approach to beekeeping, Alvéole has allowed the bee population in this hive to flourish and grow in the heart of the city. Through a mix of check-ins and allowing the bees to thrive on their own, Visit Mesa is now granted access to the honey produced by these bees. So, when you travel around Mesa, keep in mind how this small group of bees is contributing to the growth of flowers and other green foliage, along with honey that visitors and guests can access at Visit Mesa.

Home Sweet Home

"Home Sweet Home" takes on a whole new meaning at Freeman Farms in Downtown Mesa, where Visit Mesa's Alvéole beehive resides. Nestled within the crops and hustle of this urban farm, the bees have created not just a shelter, but a true home. Within a three-mile radius, these diligent pollinators ply their trade, ensuring that each blossom in Downtown Mesa flourishes with their touch. Freeman Farms provides the bees with a welcoming sanctuary, lovingly cared for by the expert Alvéole team. However, these bees also play a significant role in managing their own home, showcasing their remarkable resilience and adaptability in sustaining their precious hive. Together, they have created a harmonious ecosystem where the thriving flora of Downtown Mesa is powered by the tireless efforts of these incredible bees.

Connect with Nature

There's no better time to connect with the enchanting world of bees than during National Honey Month. Download the "My Hive" app on your smartphone and connect with these bees on a whole new level. Stay in the know and receive updates on how they are doing, along with learning about other hives in the area. With the bees as our guides, we're invited into a world of pollination and nectar-making, discovering the sweet magic that sustains our ecosystem. So, join us in this journey, as we celebrate Honey Month and embrace the opportunity to connect with the bees at Freeman Farm—a connection that's as sweet as the honey they create.