The Sinquah Family | Visit Mesa

June 07, 2023

The Sinquah Family

Discover the culture of Sinquah Productions through their entertaining and educational dance troupe. The Sinquah Family consists of several World Champion Hoop Dancers. Their performances are inspiring and moving all the same. Read more below to discover more about who they are.

Who They Are

The Sinquah Family, specifically Moontee Sinquah and his two sons, are deep rooted in their culture and traditions. The trio are members of the Hopi, Tewa, and Choctaw nations from the Hopi nations located in Northern Arizona. Their goal in all they do is to inspire and create art through music, dance and storytelling.

Their performances have deemed them World Champion titles from the World Championship Hoop Dance contest that is held every year. This event is held at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona where the Sinquahs perform in powwow dances.

Moontee is a champion Grace Dancer, Sampson is a champion Prairie Chicken dancer, and Scott is a champion Fancy War dancer in both the United States and Canada.

What They Do

Aside from hoping to share their culture through storytelling, the Sinquah family ultimately hopes to connect youth and ignite inspiration through their performances. They understand how dance, music and storytelling are all extremely powerful tools. They feel that these things can transform others when allowed to develop and grow.

Since the trio has started their journey, they have been able to travel through North America (what they refer to as Turtle Island), venture overseas in Europe and Asia to attend festivals, celebrations and powwows. Here they were honored to educate and represent people of their Indigenous culture.

To continue sharing their culture, Sinquah Productions offers hands-on workshops and eductional dance performances. They hope to further share and educate the best they can. Check them out here.