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Posted By Visit Mesa Team
March 29, 2018

Sustainable Tourism in Mesa

Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona and continues to grow in size. The area is attracting leaders in technology, health care, aerospace, education, and not to mention a large number of visitors.

There is a limitless array of things to see and do in Mesa, from the cultural to the recreational, the active to the passive and the Old West to the New West. The relationship of tourism and the environment is complex and involves activities that can leave a lasting effect. As a tourist destination, we are visited by more than 2.4 million visitors annually. Therefore, we are thinking not only of the environmental impact from the locals, but from our wonderful visitors as well.

Here are some of our friends that have actively worked to implement a sustainable program into their business, educating its visitors about implementing green practices into their own lives.

true garden icon

Get ready to go green at True Garden. Featuring revolutionary hydroponic gardening techniques, visitors can learn about organic growing practices and sustainable farming. The greenhouse uses very little energy during the winter months by operating in a naturally vented mode. The greenhouse utilizes a combination of smart and efficient technologies to affordably keep the greenhouse at optimal temperatures. True Garden uses 95% less water and 90% less space than a traditional garden, and contains no harmful chemical, pesticides or herbicides. FRESH FOODIE TRAIL® STOP

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Queen Creek Olive Mill is Arizona’s only family-owned and operated working olive mill where olives are grown and pressed for the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil. The Mill utilizes many sustainable farming techniques to protect the environment, public health, human communities and animal welfare. They have 444 solar panels to collect and convert energy for their facility, composting is practiced in two different forms, and they have opted to use weed torching instead of herbicides. In partnership with Central Arizona Project, Olive Mill collects water from the Colorado River through a rudimentary ditch delivery system into a “pond” like containment in the ground. Water is then dispersed with a micro sprinkler or drip delivery systems, both methods can be controlled, reduced and kept track of how much is being irrigated. FRESH FOODIE TRAIL® STOP

agritopia icon

Agritopia is a community on the edge of the rural/urban interface. This pedestrian-friendly urban farm was described by New York Times as the leading ‘agri-hood’ in the country. The same-day harvest is sold at the Farm Stand, as well as being served at Joe’s Farm Grill and The Coffee Shop both on-site. All of the produce on the farm is grown under the USDA organic protocol. The goal is to have zero distribution model for the produce and various crops grown at the site, meaning it will leave in customer’s stomachs or their shopping bags. FRESH FOODIE TRAIL® STOP

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Mesa Urban Garden was created to inspire sustainable urban living through education, community involvement and creative cooperation to strengthen families and enhance and beautify our neighborhoods. Community members have the opportunity to rent a plant bed to grow, nurture and maintain their own crops. To keep the garden operating efficiently, an individual drop irrigation system with state-of-the-art watering timer was installed to keep the mismanagement of water down. FRESH FOODIE TRAIL® STOP

usery icon

The Usery Mountain Nature Center is in place to educate visitors on stewardship and preservation. The Nature Center has 20-inch thick masonry walls, essential skylights, solar panels and a rooftop garden to insulate the building and reduce storm water runoff. They are designed to be fully functional, sustainable and energy efficient while minimizing the disturbance to the natural landscape and maximizing the design compatibility with the natural surroundings.

city of mesa logo

The City of Mesa has also encouraged and implemented a Living Green lifestyle that encourages the Mesa residents to maintain their households and carry out activities in an environmentally conscious manner. Solar Power has been highly encouraged by the city, and implemented at some Mesa facilities including Red Mountain Multigenerational Center, Red Mountain Park, Fiesta District Police Department Station and Fire Stations 212, 219 and 220. Learn about the city of Mesa’s efforts and how they are encouraging the community to Live Green.