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Posted By Visit Mesa Team
September 21, 2020

Visitors Mean Business in Mesa

Now, more than ever, Visit Mesa is taking steps to educate Mesa residents about the important impacts that visitors have on our community and share all the ways their dream vacations in our beautiful desert destination improve our quality of life.

In the last 8 years, Mesa hotels alone have generated more than $670 Million in revenue and contributed more than $50 Million in tax revenues to the City of Mesa. And, this figure does not include all the tax revenues generated by the purchases at restaurants, attractions, retail centers and amusements by the very people that overnighted in these hotel rooms. See more facts below confirming why visitors are big business for Mesa:

Mesa attracts 4.5 Million visitors a year from Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas and all over the United States. People even travel here from as far away as the UK and Germany. 1.22 million of those visitors stay overnight in Mesa hotels. When they stay here, they spend money here.

Visitor Spending in Mesa was climbing to record levels. The latest research shows that Mesa visitors spent $486 million in both day-trip visits and overnight stays and spent on average $259 per person in 2019.

Visit Mesa is funded by a portion of hotel bed tax collections visitors pay when they overnight in Mesa. Visitor marketing is not funded by resident taxes. Visitor dollars, not residents, are used to market Mesa around the world.


Visitors and their dollars lead to economic development and lower taxes, which means more fun and interesting places for residents to enjoy and take pride in.

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Watch the video below to learn more, and click here to sign our pledge to support the tourism industry here in Mesa!