East Valley Veterans Day Parade 2023 in Mesa, AZ | Visit Mesa

East Valley Veterans Parade

Commemorate Veterans Day with this annual parade, honoring military members and their families in Mesa and across the country.

Military members marching in the East Valley Veterans Parade in Mesa, AZ.

Every year, the East Valley Veterans Parade marches through downtown Mesa, paying homage to local veterans. Whether you’re bringing your little ones to this family-friendly event or looking to support the local Mesa community in a variety of ways, this parade provides a chance for all event goers to thank veterans and active military members. This year, the event’s theme is “Vietnam Valor,” centering the parade around the veterans who served in the Vietnam War.

Event Information

  • Special Vehicle Displays - Spot a variety of towering vehicles throughout the event, including tanks and army trucks. Military aficionados will discover an assortment of mammoth-sized vehicles and machines.
  • Marching Participants - Support the parade by watching a wide range of participants march through Mesa, featuring Service Marshals and youth ROTC groups, as well as Girl and Boy Scout Troops. Listen to local marching bands perform during the parade with iconic tunes and be immersed in a positive ambience.
  • Community Engagement - Parade goers will be able to honor local veterans through experiencing this event with family and friends. Be immersed in a welcoming atmosphere and cheer with the crowd as the parade travels through downtown Mesa.

Date & Location

The East Valley Veterans Parade will be held on November 11, 2023, running from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The parade will begin at the intersection of East University Drive and North Center Street. The parade will end on the intersection of North Robinson Street and West First Street. Look through the parade’s map and find the top spots for viewing. Downtown Mesa offers a variety of parking options for this annual event.

Admission Details

This annual event is free and open to the public with viewing spots that are located throughout the downtown Mesa area.

More Ways to Celebrate Veterans Day

Delve into more ways commemorating Veterans Day in Mesa with an activity like exploring the Commemorative Air Force Museum, a historic institution with engaging exhibits, WWII items, and a collection of rare aircraft. Sip on a masterfully crafted brew at Cider Corps, a veteran-owned cider company in downtown Mesa that brings awareness to veteran issues. Discover opportunities to participate with the local community at Natural Restorations, an organization that develops outdoor cleanup events and aims to support veterans with these programs.