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Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility for all types of Athletes

Mesa, Arizona is home to a diverse sports community, with a strong focus on promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all athletes. A wide range of sports programs and facilities cater to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Whether you are an experienced athlete or just a spectator, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

One of the key initiatives in Mesa is the city's commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in sports. This means creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for athletes of all races, genders, and sexual orientations. Mesa has also made significant strides in making sports more accessible for people with disabilities, with a range of adaptive sports programs and facilities available throughout the city.

Arizona Disabled Sports

Arizona Disabled Sports offers two different types of programs which include adaptive opportunities for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities through the Team Mesa Programs as well as adaptive opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities through the Arizona Heat Physically Challenged programs.

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Desert Challenge Games

Experience the incredible spirit of athleticism and determination at the Desert Challenge Games. This event brings together over 300 para-athletes from around the world to nation in a variety of sports, showcasing their incredible skills and inspiring stories of triumph.

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