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Are you interested in learning how to connect with more than 32 million travelers in a $262-billion market? 

Join us and help Mesa make history, Become Certified!

  • Certification will book more business and attract more visitors.
  • Certification provides an unmatched opportunity for Mesa to gain a unique competitive advantage.
  • Certification is the right thing to do to serve this growing, yet under-served community.

32 Million_Autism     $262 Billion_Autism

Autism certification will establish Visit Mesa Partner businesses as CAC’s–Certified Autism Centers, and position Mesa, Arizona as the first-ever CAD–Certified Autism Destination. This designation will be heavily marketed and promoted to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) communities across the U.S. and within Mesa’s established target markets. Certification illustrates to those families affected by ASD that they can trust Mesa as a dedicated tourism destination serving individuals with autism. Certification is achieved when at least 80% of guest-facing staff is trained and certified in the field of autism. Through International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) and Autism Travel, Mesa and our partners will be part of a network of trusted travel professionals already serving the ASD community.

Visit Mesa has partnered with IBCCES to introduce the Path to Certification process to our partners. IBCCES is setting the standard for autism (and other cognitive disorders) certifications as the only known organization focused on the hospitality/travel industry. Their key insights, paired with their Autism Travel nationwide presence, will help our partners better understand the ASD community and their growing need for autism-certified travel destinations, attractions and hotels.

With a 600% increase autism diagnoses in the U.S., autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the world.  Visit Mesa is committed to serving this growing audience of potential visitors.
•  All-new Family Travel Guide for ASD and other special needs travelers
•  Mesa hospitality community audit by IBCCES experts
•  Nationwide geo- and demographic-targeted marketing campaigns
•  Networking opportunities and new connections through IBCCES
•  Dedicated online presence featuring certified Mesa partners
•  Mobile apps designed for ASD travelers

1 in 59_Autism    600% Increase_Autism

Visit Mesa and our governing Board of Directors believe certification is the right thing to do to serve this growing, yet underserved community. It's an unmatched opportunity for Mesa to elevate our national travel brand and our destination promise, as well as to book more business and attract more visitors to our City Limitless® destination.

Visit Mesa has already secured commitments from Mesa hospitality leaders who will participate in the autism certification process with their front-facing employees and key staff. Join us and help Mesa make history!


  1. If you want to learn more, we will introduce you to IBCCES, the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.
  2. Check your inbox. IBCCES will contact you to share more details and start your training.
  3. Watch and learn. IBCCES’s course content includes a training video followed by a 20-question knowledge check assessment of common behaviors and sensory considerations associated with autism spectrum disorders.

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