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Hashtag Rights

This page is to help you understand what #YesVisitMesa means!

Visit Mesa will either ask for Regram Rights or Marketing Rights. In order to allow us to share your photo, you must reply to our request with #YesVisitMesa. This helps us with our records, so we know that any photo that we are sharing includes your full permission to do so.


Why did you ask for my photo?

Because we love it, and think your photo would help inspire travelers to visit Mesa, Arizona. As the destination marketing organization for the city, Visit Mesa’s mission is to support travel to Mesa and user generated content like yours helps us tell a more complete story about all we have to offer visitors.

What are regram rights?

By giving us regram rights, you are allowing us to repost your photo on our social feeds, or embedded on our website in a photo gallery. You will always be credited.

What are marketing rights?

Marketing rights gives us permission to use your photo to promote our destination in various forms of marketing. We may use your photo for Visit Mesa digital ads, on our website www.VisitMesa.com, in our printed marketing materials and publications, etc. You can see the full terms and conditions for marketing rights below.

Will you give me credit?

Every chance we get we will give you credit for your photo! There are some instances where the credit line is omitted, or we are unable to add it. Anytime we post your photo on our social media pages, we will provide credit.

Marketing Rights Terms and Conditions

Submitted photographs may appear in a variety of formats for use to promote Mesa, Arizona in marketing and public relations efforts including advertisements, advertorial supplements, and third-party editorial outlets that Visit Mesa works with and secures media coverage and they request photography reflecting the destination. Photo use by Visit Mesa may include featuring images on VisitMesa.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other web-based programs and social media outlets. Images may appear on YouTube and through other video-related channels utilized by the Visit Mesa to market the destination. Images may be used on all printed materials published by Visit Mesa including the Official Mesa Visitors Guide, Adventure Guide and itinerary brochures, maps, pocket guides among other materials including City of Mesa owned publications, web domains, social media streams, etc. The photograph may also appear in Visit Mesa social media feeds with credit, when possible, to the photographer’s name and/or social media handle that appears on the form submission. In addition, images may and can be used for Visit Mesa and/or City of Mesa office use or display. If credit lines are deleted or omitted, Visit Mesa will not be at fault and does not take responsibility for any omission. If an image is used in Visit Mesa advertising, no credit will be listed. Whenever possible, Visit Mesa will list the photographer name in group photographer credit listings. Visit Mesa will not be held responsible for any image printed without the proper photo credit and will make every attempt to ensure a photo credit is applied in conjunction with the requested image(s). No payment will be exchanged upon agreement of these terms.