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Usery Mountain Regional Park occupies 3,600 acres in east Mesa. This desert urban park is home to the Usery Mountain Rifle & Pistol Shooting Range and the Usery Mountain Archery Range - which is the only five-star rated archery range in Arizona. Here, guests can find 100 targets on six separate courses, 10 hunter practice targets, 17 field practice targets (FITA range), a 28 burlap animal target course, 14 three-dimensional animal target course and four miles of walking trails.

At the shooting range, target holders range from 25 to 300 yards; a practical pistol range, high-power rifle range to 500 yards; covered 40-position small bore range to 100 meters and covered long-range rifle and pistol silhouette ranges to 500 meters. For those seeking out rodeo grounds, nearby communities Gilbert and Apache Junction offer rodeo parks perfect for large-scale events requiring the use of an outdoor arena. Both parks feature spectator seating and public parking.