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May 04, 2022

Mesa's Asian District Sweet Treats

The Asian District comprises more than 70 Asian-themed restaurants, grocery stores, and other service and retail businesses along a two-mile stretch on Dobson Road in west Mesa. Here are some places to get desserts and sweet treats inspired by Asian Cultures!

There’s never been a better time to indulge your sweet tooth in Mesa, especially if you’re a fan of Asian desserts!

These crazy creations have taken social media by storm with everyone posting mouth-watering photos making the hunt for them part of the appeal. From frosty rolled ice cream to refreshing boba-bursting drinks to curiously fun bubble waffles, these sweet spots strewn throughout the city offer inspiring, innovative and, yes, Instagram-worthy treats that will make your taste buds think they’ve died and gone to dessert heaven.

Miss Dessert

Inspired by desserts from China, Vietnam, Malaysia and other Asian locales, Miss Dessert offers a unique menu of sumptuous sweets. Try authentic desserts like sago, a sweet pudding mixed with such fruits as coconut nectar, mango and durian; yoji nectar with green tea ice cream; and vanilla snow served with Thai purple sticky rice. And don’t leave without having a signature “pancake,” a delicate dough pocket filled with mango or durian. Miss Dessert also serves a variety of drinks, from milk tea and fresh fruit tea, to cheese tea, a popular drink topped with cheese cream.

1832 W. Broadway Road #105, Mesa

The Street Boba Café

These days, you can find a boba tea house just as easily as you can a find an ice cream spot. But when it comes to variety, The Street offers an impressive assortment of drinks in a rainbow of flavors. Try a fruit smoothie bursting with fruit, from strawberry, peach and banana, to kiwi and pineapple. For a refreshing slushy, try passion fruit, lychee or green apple. You can also get a milk smoothie in taro, red bean, or coconut. Coffee and tea lovers will enjoy the chai tea, coffee, mocha, and Thai tea smoothies. For a finishing touch, add your favorite boba or jelly.

1116 S. Dobson Road #109, Mesa

Tea Snow Boba

For more boba fun, Tea Snow is the place to go for specialty boba drinks that are as tasty as they are unique. Choose from 15 house specials, including the Thai Dessert made with fresh jackfruit, homemade pudding, coconut jelly, and coconut cream; and the Five Color Dessert, filled with smashed mung bean and taro, red tapioca, and pandan jelly. Tea Snow also offers a variety of colorful blended drinks packed with fruits like mango, strawberry, and spicy watermelon, as well as coffee (sea salt coffee, anyone?) and tea, from milk and Thai, to green and matcha.

66 S. Dobson Road #150, Mesa

Roll Avenue Ice Cream Rolls

In a place where we take our cool treats seriously, it’s refreshing to see a fun new spin on traditional ice cream make its way to Mesa. Tucked inside bustling Mekong Plaza, Roll Avenue specializes in Thai rolled ice cream, made with frosty rolls (rather than scoops) of ice cream packed into a cup and topped with all manners of sweet extras, from Oreos and graham crackers, to fresh fruits and popping bobas. Try such creations as the Macho Matcha (green tea ice cream topped with blueberries and Pocky sticks) and the Romantic Bangkok (Thai ice cream topped with a wafer roll and condensed milk).

66 S. Dobson Road #145, Mesa

Genbu Waffles

When it comes to ice cream, there are waffle cones—and then there are bubble waffles. Not to be confused, the bubble version originates from Hong Kong and is made from an egg batter cooked in a special maker with round molds (instead of square ones), then filled with gelato or ice cream and topped with such toppings as fruit, cookies, candy or whipped cream. At Genbu, treat yourself to one of their signature waffles, including the Green Serpent made with a matcha-infused waffle, vanilla ice cream, strawberries, Oreo crumbles and condensed milk. Along with bubble waffles, Genbu also serves Hong Kong-style milk teas, iced teas, and flavor-infused sparkling waters.

1350 S. Longmore, Mesa

AA Ozzy Bakery

Established in 2007, AA Ozzy bakery has been the must-go shopping destination for the Asian community and the local residence whenever visiting the neighborhood. They specialize in authentic Asian artisan bread, pastry, desserts, cakes and much more. The yogurt bread is their signature product amongst the many mouth-watering bread and pastries. Our Hondo Cakes are the most popular item of all time!

66 S. Dobson Rd #137, Mesa

Tous les Jours

When South Korean cuisine meets French pastries, only delicious things can happen. Case in point: Tous le Jours. Located in the Asiana Market, the popular French-Asian bakery serves a wide assortment of pastries, cakes, pies and breads, all baked fresh on site. In the filled-to-the-brim display case, you’ll find buttery croissants nest to twisty Korean doughnuts, and flaky palmiers next to flavored rice dough “chewy sticks.” If you’re on the go, don’t leave without a fluffy loaf of pan bread, or the red bean or black sesame sweet buns.

1133 S. Dobson Road, Mesa

Asian District, Mesa Arizona

If savory is more your thing, make sure to check out the other 70 Restaurants, grocery stores and other businesses located in the newly branded, "Asian District." Learn more about the District’s unique offerings of culture, community, and commerce at tour of the newly opened HMart via Facebook.

"Mesa has a strong and very active Asian community and I am excited to see the Asian District come to life in west Mesa. This is the perfect place for people to gather, eat, shop and immerse themselves in the flavors and cultures of Asia.” - Mesa Mayor, John Giles

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