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February 06, 2024

The Best Spots to Try a Mocktail in Mesa

Mocktails are all the rage nowadays and Mesa has plenty of great places to offer just what you and your friends are looking for! Cheers to non-alcoholic beverages, check out some of our favorite spots for a mocktail below.

Mocktails & More

Undertow, Epicenter at Agritopia

Aside from the amazing ambiance, Undertow offers a great spread of non-alcoholic beverages to sip on and enjoy during your time at sea. Explore the open sea and try one of our favorites like the Captain’s Apprentice or the Shipless Sailor. You’ll have to stop in to see for yourself but be sure to make a reservation in advance as this spot is a local favorite!

Alchemy 48 at Level 1 Arcade Bar, Mesa

Just below Level 1 Arcade Bar Mesa, guests can find Mesa’s new speakeasy, Alchemy 48. This prohibition-styled bar stays on brand, offering a great list of mocktails to try. Choose from their list of 8 different mocktails on their menu or even ask for your own concoction. Regardless, guests can find a great mocktail selection on their menu under “Non-alcoholic Sophistication.”

Joyride Taco House

Looking for chips and salsa to pair with your mocktail? Joyride Taco House is just the place. Pair your favorite tacos with a Mexican Coke or Almond Horchata featured on their non-alcoholic beverage menu, among many other options to choose from.

Peacock Wine & Book Bar

Offering a more peaceful and ambient environment, visitors and locals alike can enjoy Peacock Wine & Book Bar. Located just outside of Mesa, choose between a cozy nook or communal table as you enjoy a delicious mocktail of your liking. This bar offers a more traditional selection of mocktails to choose from such as non-alcoholic Fre Rose and Ariel Chardonnay. Enjoy food with friends as well, as this bar offers a great selection of food as well.

Espiritu Cocktails + Comida

Adding another great, vibey spot to your list of Mesa locations comes Espiritu Cocktails + Comida. While cocktails are in the name, you can surely ask for any mocktail of your liking. As the vibes are truly a part of the experience, the owner withholds the menu to guests only. Therefore, you’ll have to stop by to check it out. Cheers!

Buck & Rider, Epicenter at Agritopia

Good food and good drinks? Look no further than Buck & Rider. Pair your selection of oysters or sushi, among many other delicious dishes, with a refreshing mocktail of your choice. While their menu doesn’t explicitly list mocktails to select from, you can certainly ask for whatever your heart, and tastebuds, may desire.

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