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AV Concepts was founded in 1987 by two industry veterans, Fred Mandrick and Nick Smith, with the core belief that providing each client with exceptional service and superior value would produce highly satisfied clients and long-term relationships. No, it wasn’t rocket science. It was simple common sense combined with a passionate dedication for always being the best at what we do. For us, the surprise wasn’t that this simple idea worked, but in how incredibly well it continues to work! Today AV Concepts has grown to become a premier nationwide provider of audio, visual and creative solutions and a company that is consistently recognized as an industry leader in quality, service and innovation. It’s been a great ride…but it’s only the beginning! We value the exceptional relationships we’ve built with each of our clients and are constantly developing new technologies and solutions to ensure that, together, we can offer “best ever” meetings, events and experiences. Our focus on innovation combined with our positive, client-centered culture attracts the best and brightest people in our industry who seek out AV Concepts as an ideal pace to grow their skills and careers. As we begin our 37th year we are deeply grateful to our people who share our passion for excellence and our clients who have not only rewarded us with their loyalty, but who have also become a powerful source of referrals. Exceptional people, raving clients and industry leading innovation. It’s just that simple…

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