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Marina's Fresh Fruit Shave Ice Shop


Marina's Fresh Fruit Shave Ice is authentic handcrafted Hawaiian Shave Ice. We shave our ice very thin it's almost fluffy so it will absorb all the flavor we pour over it instead of it going straight to the bottom of the cup. 

We make all our flavors in house and use 100% sugar to flavor them. We never use high fructose corn syrup. We also have a selection of gourmet flavors made of real fruit. These gourmet flavors are all natural. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives in them. The only ingredients in these flavors are fruit, sugar and water. So the strawberry flavor tastes like real strawberries because that's what's in it. It's so refreshing and delicious! Our shave ice is like a bite of Hawaii.


  • Family Friendly
  • Minority Owned Business
  • Parking Available
  • Women Owned Business
  • Hispanic/Latino Owned Business

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  • 855 W University Dr #8
  • Mesa, Arizona 85201
  • Phone: 480-544-1466
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