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Notes from Neptune


Scott Worstell is a guitarist of 30 years. Nylon string guitar. While playing some essence of classical and flamenco for the nylon string guitar he mixes in styles of pop, rock and jazz. His skills are breathtaking as you listen. On top of that, Scott also has a unique vocal sound you can't miss. With a little mix of raspy yet classic smooth sound he sings many styles such as Sting, Pink Floyd and Harry Connick Jr. being some of his biggest influences.
Thomas Love is a Saxophonist of 30 years. Alto and Soprano sax. With the gospel styles of Kirk Whalum and the jazz styles of Stanley Turrentine in his background, he uses his sax as a voice and when you hear his sax it really speaks to you on a soulful level. But Thomas also brings a different element to the table. He sings. But not only does he sing, but "He Can SANG!" Combined with his jazzy, gospel, spiritual sax, they take you musically to places that you have been waiting your whole life to go. Singing the styles of Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Ed Sheeren and Prince.
Together they make up the band Notes From Neptune since 2010. Playing as a duo or a full band, this is what it feels like to jump on a rocket and blast off for a space journey where for a few hours your leave all your cares behind and close your eyes and and see music completely different than anything your seen and heard before. They take songs you know, and songs that you've never heard of and allow you hear them for the first time all over again. You rarely get a chance to experience and even re-experience music the way Notes From Neptune plays it. It's like reimagining music. I know once you hear it you will love it and also wonder what galaxy of music you will enter next.