Skyline Aquatics Center


While parks/facilities are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, restrooms and hand washing stations may not be available due to Covid-19

Total aquatic space: 25,112 sq. ft. of water surface; 11,687 sq. ft. of building space; 9,920 sq. ft. of shade canopy; 16,714 sq. ft. turf/event staging area; 33,128 sq. ft. of deck space; total facility sq. ft. is 96,553.

Amenities included in the aquatic space: 233'x75' 696'6" perimeter 1,075,000 gal, 50 meter stretch competition pool with 17,804 sq. ft. of water surface for 357 swimmers.

507' perimeter 179,000gal, O' depth entry leisure pool with 7,308sq.ft of water space for 144 swimmers.

26 racing lanes, 6 warm up lanes, fast looping water slide, tumble bucket and water spinners, can be configured for 2 championship water polo courts, moveable bulkhead, 1-3 meter and 3-1 meter diving boards, shaded stadium seating for 1200, event/staging turf area for 1,114 participants, total occupancy load of 5,656 people.


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